Hand made fleece toys.

Fleece has many advantages over conventional materials –

  • Lightweight – but very strong
  • Very hard-wearing
  • The fleece has ‘give’ to protect the dog’s neck (and your arms) – really useful for a small or young dog
  • machine washable on a cool wash
  • Does not fray
  • Soft on your hands
  • Cleans the dog’s teeth as they play with it.

bone Collage

The braided fleece toys are incredibly strong and hard wearing – they have passed the ‘Jack’ test and are practically indestructible.

The bone shapes and fish shapes also passed the ‘Jack’ test and come either silent or with squeaks and rattle noises.


The balls are not quite so hardy – but still a great durable toy for the dog with a little more respect for their toys.

All the toys are made with polar fleece – and we love bright, happy colours and patterns


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