The ‘Walkies’ Range


Handmade accessories for your walkies.


This range started when I wanted to run round to the newsagents and pick up a paper – and take the dog (of course) – but I didn’t want to take a big bag – purse etc.

key fob Collage


You start with the key fob.

Handmade in 100% cotton using the same fabrics and techniques as the collars.




Then you can add whichever accessories you will use.  There is a poo bag holder – a lip salve – small treat pouch – triangle shape coin purse and a tissue pocket.  Useful for the office desk as well.  Mix and match to suit your needs.

They start the season to match the collars and leads and look so cool as co-ordinated sets.

poo bag Collagetissue pocket Collage




posh dog walkies lip salve




posh dog walkies treat pouch




Thank you