It’s all a bit pants

It’s very quiet in the town so I have skipped doing a bake this week.  Instead I have a couple of commissions to get done.

First on the machine is a big pair of pants for one of our Posh Dog pals.  He has worn my belly bands for a couple of years – but now he’s getting a bit more – um – ‘leaky’?  So we have decided to make him a big pair of proper big girl pants.

It’s a bit of guess work as to if it will work – but you have to helps them out don’t you



Measure twice – cut out 26 times

I think I have worked it out – I love designing and playing with my fabric – and cutting out – but I want to cut out more!  It’s the getting organised and sorting it all out after that is the hard work.  And when you have finished – the photographing and listing – well that’s like eating a frog!!!!

I have decided to learn a few bag making tricks this year and expand the Posh Dog range to make things for people out of dog patterned fabrics –  bags – purses – useful bits and bobs to try to gain a few sales in the summer months.  The coats and jumpers go crazy during the winter months – but come April I need other ideas.

I am calling it Posh Dog for You and so far there are camera straps and a pretty soft bag.

Coming soon will be bags and storage – and a few other useful items.  If you have any suggestions for a project just let me know.

You will find the new items under the Accessories section of the shop





Who stole last week???

I am sure someone is pinching days out of the week – they seem to be flying by already!  I just seem to get started on the week – get things going and under control – and it’s Saturday and I have to go away again.

So far in the last 10 days or so Alfie has chewed – the brand new jumper I made him – TWICE.





I can repair – but – honestly – how ungrateful!!!

He has also chewed Henry’s old fleece – that only just fitted so that’s a goner.

He has also chewed his new vest I made for him to go under his rain coat – there is so little left of that you can’t even tell what it was.

I think I will knock up a couple of quickies with the new super chunky yarn that has just arrived – perhaps he will find that too thick to chew!!!



Tartan is SOOOOOO in Darling!

The way it is working at the moment is – as soon as I start to work on some stock pieces I get custom order coming in – so it’s taking me ages to get the new fleece coat colours out.

This is the first of the red tartans – in a large size
The moral of this story is – if you want an order before Christmas – contact me and shout loud – then you will get done before the normal stock items!


Winter is knocking – – –

– – – – and I have changed the fleece coat pattern a little.





So many of you are now using a body harness – and you want a hole added for you to clip your lead through!!!!

I have dropped the wrap around chest band for a mid side band that has a velcro fastening BOTH sides for extra adjustment.  This means I can add a button hole stitched space to the centre back for your leads!!!!

So from now on – all the new styles listed and any commissions can have a harness ‘buttonhole’ added.

I don’t add a hole as standard – as all harness are different – but – I can add one if you tell me where your harness sits – no extra charge.

Any requests for coats to be delivered before Christmas – shout out now – other wise it will be January deliveries


New fabrics – winter is coming

I am not baking this week.  It has been really quiet in the shop this week and I have winter coat orders starting to com in.

I have new fleece – some novelty prints and some tartan, plaid and Argyle.  Checks are all the rage for this season – you can’t beat a good tartan!

If you have a looooong, skinny dog – or a rOund, short dog and would like me to make to order – I don’t charge extra for commission work – it’s what I am doing every day anyway – just contact me.

If you would like to browse in the SHOP – keep an eye out for the new fleece and waterproof coats.