Round and round the corner

I have mastered the tiny cornerthe posh dog clothing company waterproof hems quite nicely.  I suppose I don’t really have to add a tiny hem as the vinyl backing make the fabric non fraying – but they are dogs and I think it will make it wear better – and it looks neater.

the posh dog clothing company corners


And I have discovered that if you peg round the front straps with seam pegs and let it rest for a bit – it helps the fabric curl a bit.  I have really taken to these little pegs.  They have one shaped side and one flat side.

AND – before you ask – yes – I did try to use ordinary pegs – but they were too big and cumbersome – and the flat side on the special ones means you can get them right up close to the machine foot to sew.






And – we are off – well – on really I guess!

Not sure if it’s off – when you are putting it on – oooh my little head!


the posh dog clothing company waterproof





Adding several sizes to the shop now.

I only have red and green in this waterproof – but there will be loads of different sizes and inners.

You will find them in both the Fleece Coats and Sewn Clothes categories.



New Design – Waterproof coat

First – HUGE thank yous to all my furry pals who took part in testing the first design samples for this new coat.

You all loved the idea – and you have come back with several ideas about what to keep and what to change.

So – the final design looks like this

the-posh-dog-clothing-company-water-proof-coatYou liked the idea of the wider tummy band – so that stayed – but you wanted it deeper in the chest – so now it is more roomy with 2 bands of 2″ velcro giving you a bit more adjustment.

You were happy with the the-posh-dog-clothing-company-water-proof-coat-inneroverall shape – and found it wrapped the front end really well.

You also loved the cosy fleece liner – you said it made the coat really cosy and warm as well as waterproof.


Huge thanks to Stephanie over at The Cheap Shop – Tiptree (my fave fabric shop ever) for finding this fabric for me – that I can work on my normal sewing machine – I thought I was going to have to buy a spare one.

I am adding the first one to the shop now – so keep an eye out for more sizes.  If you have a longer – fatter – shorter – thinner dog – I can make a custom size for you.  I have the fabric in green and red – the tummy bands are made in the black as it’s a bit softer and so it’s easy to see.








New waterproof coats in production

There is only 1 sample of these left in the shop – thank you all so much for your feedback.

Overwhelming positive response – and it seems you like the long underbelly strap – but wider for more fitting flexibility and with wide velcro both sides.

So – the final design will be on these lines

the posh dog clothing company waterproofI have the outer fabric in red and green – and all my usual fleece colours for the linings.  The coats will be available in 6 ‘standard’ sizes – but as always I can make to order – longer – wider  – etc – or with the conventional narrow belt if you prefer that.

the posh dog clothing company waterproof


I will try to get a couple of sizes done each week – but if I haven’t got to your size yet just shout me and I will make it happen.

You can tell I am feeling better can’t you!!!!





I have some samples ready to test.

I am trailing 2 different fastenings.

the posh dog clothing company waterproof coats1 – similar to the body wrap on the fleece coats – which is very adjustable – but has to be fairly thin.




the posh dog clothing company waterproof

2 – longer strap under the body covers the tummy – but less flexible as to the sizes.


They will all have a lovely soft fleece lining – so the doggie will stay snug and comfy.


the posh dog clothing company waterproof


These are available at a special price of just £5 to recover a bit of my fabric costs – all I would like is for you to tell me how the coats stand up to daily wear.

the posh dog clothing company waterproof coat







At the moment I have samples available for

length 10″ / chest 15″-18″

length 13″ / chest 16″-18″

If you are interested please drop into the shop and pick one up.  I will let you know when I have other sizes.



Sew – sew – quick – quick – sew

I have been making progress with my waterproof coats. After a bit of experimenting I am quite pleased with the neatness of my first working sample.

2015-05-08-00-14-11My first attempts were a bit faffy and not very neat – and I needed to work out a better, simpler method.

So now I am creating a small rolled hem round the edge first – still need to practice going round the outside curves – that’s REALLY hard!  Then I am cutting the fleece lining to fit the hemmed shape and adding a double hem to secure it in place.

the posh dog clothing company fleece lined waterproof coats

I have never worked with this type of fabric before – it seems soft and pliable for the dogies – and the fleece will make it nice and cosy.

I am going to add a plain black belly band of some sort – not finalises it yet! – and 2″ velcro for the fastenings.

Samples should be ready next week