Going to Australia?

the-posh-dog-clothing-company-fleece-bed-cover-1My Henry is a digger!!

He does this to all his bed cushions – drives me nuts!!

So – this time we are going to have a bit of an experiment – and let’s just see.

the-posh-dog-clothing-company-fleece-bed-cover-2 I wanted to cover the front and back with a new layer of fleece.  I considered filing in the hole in the cushion – but decided that if I did it would only fall out any way.  So I laid out 2 layers of fleece and cut round the-posh-dog-clothing-company-fleece-bed-cover-3the shape with about a 3″ over lap.


Normally when you knot fleece blanket – you are cutting flat – in a straight line.  As I was working ‘in the round’ – with the way the edges sit unevenly – I cut the top layer – then the bottom layer as the-posh-dog-clothing-company-fleece-bed-cover-4separate items






Work in small sections so that you don’t get too far out off pattern





I worked short knot tassels because the covered pad is going to sit into a bed with sides – normally I would have much longer tassels. Carry on working round the shape in small chunks – matching the cuts up as you go.


Work all the way round.

When all the edges are secure – I put it in his bed



I think that means he likes it





Off on your travels anyone

The challenge – to create a mat that you can take out and about.  That is cosy and snug to sit and sleep on – is a recurring familiar presence when you have to have to be in an unfamiliar place – and is easy and light to carry about so that it is easy to do.

The result –


a super soft cuddle fleece on one side for coziness – strong polar fleece on the other for strength.  Sandwiched between the outside fleeces is a layer of 4oz wadding – so the mat is lovely and warm – but still very light to carry.  The mats are quilted round the edge to keep the wadding in place – the amount of quilting depends on the size of the mat – and the wrap around cotton herringbone handle is permanently attached – so you don’t lose it!

This will be available is a variety of sizes – each listing has the measurements on it – please check – and if you need a different size I can make it for you


Fancy a nap?

This is my next project starting to come together – the reason I bought all the silky fleece.

the posh dog clothing company sleeping bag

Pet sleeping bags.

The front – the long side has the opening so that they can get in and out easily.  with a bit of a graduation so they can find the way to the inside easily.
the posh dog clothing company sleeping bag inside

The outer is a very soft cuddle fleece – but fully lined with a contrast polar fleece for extra hard wearing when they do the circle dancethe posh dog clothing company sleeping bag small.


This is the smallest size for cats and teacup/toy size/miniature dogs. They are so snuggly, cosy.




the posh dog clothing company sleeping bag back

This is the back.  The fold down contrast carries on round the bag at the same level so the edges 3 layers and are really strong.


Fully washable – just put in the machine on a cool setting – and give it a good shake – don’t iron or anything.

I will be working on the proportions for a medium size – that will be my Henry terrier size – next.  Once I have cracked that – I hope to do a large one.  I am also aiming to make these as just a blanket – with the silky fleece backed by the polar but flat – again in  different sizes – just keep an eye open for the cutest patterns EVER – I am saving them so that I don’t mess it up and waste them!