So – who’s a funny shape then ;-)

A properly fitted martingale collar will work magic on a ‘puller’ – – but what if your dog has a tiny skinny neck – and a big head and all the ‘standard’ sizes won’t fit?

With all the best will in the world – no one is going to fit and release the collar EVERY single time you go for a walk – add in a wriggly, excited dog desperate to get out – never gonna happen. ¬†Waaaaay too much of a job – then you won’t get the proper benefit of what the martingale should be doing – and you will just give up.

No problem here – we offer a bespoke service that will alter all the dimensions of the sections so that you can get a perfect fit – and still have the ease of just slipping the collar off and on over the head.

the posh dog clothing company custom made martingale collarsThis odd looking collar is for a young, hyper-active Bedlington terrier that has a really skinny neck because of all the work she does – but still carries the classic large head.

The standard proportions don’t work. ¬†You can’t faff about with a hyper-active pooch – simple act and go is the only way!


the posh dog clothing company custom made martingale

The smaller space is her neck size!!


Yes we can!!!!