Fabric? – Hell yeah!!!!

Sometimes I get very dishartened with what I do – I don’t think that people realise that I can hear what they say when they are outside my shop – but I hear
– ‘gosh – that’s fabric – won’t last any time’
– ‘really – fabric collars – how silly’
– ‘that’s a funny collar – pretty – but won’t work’
– ‘lovely – but not suitable for my dog’
– ‘soooo not strong enough’
– ‘far too pricy’ (seriously!!)

Then I get a customer that wants to understand what it’s all about – and gets it!

This week (on Tuesday actually) I explained to a customer how my martingale collars really work  – and they took the gamble.  I took 2 totally out of control springers out of the harnesses that were causing their owner a nightmare (and doing nothing for them!) – and fitted them with matringale collars.

Saturday – she came back for the matching leads.

And she said – – – Soooo much better – and – ok – not perfect (who is) – but we can walk down the street properly now -as opposed to being – – – p-u-l-l-l-l-l-l e-d – – – in every which way direction !!!

OK – fabric does not last forever – emmm – neither does leather.  As  guideline –  my Henry is really tough on his collars and his look really shabby after 3 months or so – but than I don’t look after them – the strength does not deteriate – they just look shabby, dirty and uccky – still work perfectly well though!

But the system works folks – a well fitted Martingale collar will help you regain control over your unruly muts

Talk to me – try it out for yourselves


Posh Dog Fleece Coats

Well I don’t know what’s the matter with the weather these days – snow forecast today they said this morning – and we have already had a spattering of hailstones the past couple of days.

I have just made a few more of the larger size fleece coats.  A bit more ‘sedate’colours – I picked up a job lot from a wholesaler clearing out.  It’s all Oddies Fleece – so it still passes the CE rules.  I have 6 lovely new designs to play with.

2014-10-10 00.43.572014-10-10 00.33.33



2014-10-10 00.38.45

2014-10-10 00.39.17



Normally at this time of year I am thinking of where to store the jumpers for the summer and what I need to do to start making for next winter.  I think this is the first time I have ever starting making for sale jumpers for May.  I am just finishing a large batch of the Weekend Jumper.  Loads of different sizes and colours made while I was testing the pattern.  They should be ready over the weekend and listed next week.

Just remember – stay snug






Handmade Posh Dog Jumper – 032 – Poncho

posh dog poncho
Hand knitted Dog poncho

Made locally in the Lake District

Suitable for the tinies
Total length of back to base of neck:  7″
Around neck: 8″
Side opening with one of our dog shape buttons to fasten.  This one has a super ‘feathery’ yarn on the edge with a bit of sparkle in.
Loose fitting around the front and chest.
Machine washable on a cool wash – do not iron.

The will be larger sizes – once I get around to coping with all the maths!!!

This one is £6.50




New style top

This is a total cute overload!!!

A new style fleece top in 4 sizes.  They have a big, wide funnel necks and short sleeves – short in the body so length does not matter.  There are no fastenings to these – the dog puts this on like a proper jumper – over the head and one paw at a time into the sleeves – so perhaps not a first jumper for a wiggly puppy!

2014-09-14 03.22.28
This is the tiny size – suitable for chihuahua, yorkies, daxies,





posh dog fleece top

This is the 3rd size – big and baggy – or a smaller lab size




The weather is still pretty nippy – so poochie will still get quite a bit of wear out of these before the summer really kicks in.

Just starting to add to the shop





New Year – New Season – Neeeeeeew Fabrics

As it’s January – everyone is in the jumper mood at the moment.  Even though it has been pretty mild for the time of year – there are still those guys out there that feel the chill – like to be snuggled – are a bit poorly / nursing / elderly – or ‘we have had THE haircut and now it’s a bit chilly’!  Love ’em all.

Quick little sneaky peek of the fabric that I have just bought in for making the spring range of bandannas and collars.

For those Sugar Skull lovers out there – just how cool are these.  The pattern is a bit large for the collars and leads (may do one or two – cos they are so good) – but – bandannas (all sizes) – harnesses (both) – all on the way.  If I don’t have your size listed on the website just ask if I have enough fabric left to make you one.

2014-05-31 02.41.47







And fabric for you ‘cutie’ fans – same rules apply.

2014-05-31 02.42.09







AND – I have finally finalised the chunky, triangle shape purse for the Walkies collection – and it is just such a fun shape. There will be more added to the website as time allows.









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