Billy is not happy

Poor little Billy – he is a very unhappy doggie!!

He has had his new belly band for – what – 3 – 4 weeks – and he can’t get it off!


billy band 2He used to get his old one off – he had it down to  fine art his mum says – That’s fettled him then!

His mum is so pleased with the result – no more scenting.  It’s not that he has an incontenance problem – he just thinks he can put his mark on everything and own it allllllllllll – and he forgets that it’s not socially acceptable in the house.  Used in this way belly bands wrap tightly around the tummy – just in front of the hips on the guys – and the snug ‘holding’ action of the band prevent the guys from letting out a little wee to scent around the house.  You take the band off as they go outside so they can secent and wee as normal.  Used as a reminder and a training aid – he may be able to learn that it’s not allowed.  This way they learn not to scent in the house.

billy belly band

And if they never learn the difference – never mind – the band works to stop the scenting – you just have to remember to take it off as they go outside!!

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Belly Bands

Following on from the girl’s season / incontinence pants we have a new addition coming to The Posh Dog range – belly bands for the boys.

And – here is Billy showing off his new ‘let’s not scent in the house’ reminder!!!!

billy belly band

There are several uses for a boy’s belly band – and I have built in loads of options in the design of these.

  • Some very dominant males scent in the house. You can get them ‘snipped’ which may help – but if you have a show dog – you don’t have that option.  A belly band worn tightly around the middle will prevent them from being able to perform the action that allows them to scent – so if they wear one while in the house you should prevent – and may even be able to break the habit.
  • For the same reason of preventing the dog peeing when you don’t want him to – belly bands are becoming more popular in house training puppies. It helps them think that they need to go – without letting a little dribble out unconsciously.
  • Elderly care. As we all grow older – we have accidents and need a little help along the way.  Worn a little looser – with a sanitary / Tenna pad – the bands will help your dog stay clean and comfortable about the house.  Take it off when out and about in the garden and walking and he will retail his confidence.
  • After surgery care. Now days veterinary care is so advanced dogs undergo major surgery or longer term treatment programs knowing that the outcome will be successful – but they just need a bit of extra help – either because they have to stay resting or need time to regain full control.  Wear the band tight or more loosely with an incontinence pad – as required.

All my belly bands are made from 100% cotton fabrics and bindings.  There is no interfacing and no elastic to catch and chaff.  The bands will go in a cool / warm wash and will soften with use.

I make several widths of belly bands – with 2 lengths in each width – all with strong Velcro type fastening and a bit of adjustable space to allow for tight / loose fittings.

As always – if you need a custom size just ask.