Baking fail

I am not proud – I can hold my hands up and admit to my baking fails!!!!

I have a big, paw shape cutter – and I had the idea of the ‘Paw-fect Beefie Biccie.  Made from fresh steak mince from Lee and with doggie choc buttons for the pads.  So far – good idea.
It’s not going to plan!!!

– I put the buttons on after the biscuits were almost cooked – thinking that they would melt and stick on – wrong – they (mostly) fell off!
– I put them in for a bit longer – thinking that all they needed was a bit more time – wrong – they (mostly) fell off!
– I put them back into a very hot oven – thinking that a blast of heat would quickly melt them – wrong – they (mostly) fell off!!
– then I tried putting them onto the raw dough and cooking them into place – thinking that a long time of heat would melt them – wrong – they (mostly) fell off!!
– Next time I am going to cook them on a much higher heat than I do normally – and I am thinking I may grate the buttons as well!

Mind you – there is nothing wrong with the taste – Alfie is tucking into them quite happily, odd buttons and all



Baking Mad

It’s a bit dull for you in the kitchen this week.  All I am doing is batch baking for the Christmas Treat Boxes – I am actually getting a little callus on the side of my thumb where I hold the cookie cutter!

I have manages to keep the spinach one a bit more green though.
Suddenly had a brain wave – couple of minutes in the microwave.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before – works great for the apples too.

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Soooo disappointed!!!!

Starting to practice the Christmas treats recipes this week.   The Spinach and Philadelphia cheese treats went into the oven – lovely and green

Not quite as green when they came out
I may have to experiment a bit to keep the green colour.

The testers enjoyed them though – that’s what really counts.

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This week’s baking

I am a bit worried about me!

So – I am standing in the shop looking for some tins of fish to bake with – and I am thinking – ‘oooh – that will smell yummy’.

The ‘that’ of the idea was smoked mackerel.  I like to buy known brands for my dog baking – so it has a traceable provenance – and so you know it’s reliable – and for my fish I have chosen John West for their company policies and track-ability.  I know some people won’t agree – but I am not an expert and I have to take what they say on trust.  It’s not as if they are some poky little back street company that you can’t rely on – their standards have got to be high.

So – this week – yummy smelling Smoked Mackerel Nibbles

You’re fired!!!

honestly – I think I should sack my ‘tester’ dogs – they just love everything!!!







This week I have come up with  a new invention – Caribbean Crush.  It’s pineapple – mango and banana – and the dogs can’t get enough of it!!

This is the weighing station – the final part of the process.  I think I am finally there with all the labeling – I have just started to add colour coding so you can see at a distance the different types.  This one is not Gluten free – but it is vegetarian – and as there are no egg in it – it’s vegan too.

Gosh we have come along way!






This weeks bake

I am way behind this week – I haven’t finished yesterdays chores – never mind starting to days!

This week I have done my first fully gluten free bake for public sale.  I have used Buckwheat flour (it’s not a wheat – it’s a flower) – and a coarse ground polenta (maise).  It makes a beautiful silky dough – I would still like a bit more of a rough texture – and gives a really crisp biscuit.  My 2 main testers can’t get enough of them – they are hopeless as testers really – they love everything!

A comment was made about the work that goes on behind the scenes re the paperwork for DEFRA – so I thought I would show you my stack of books


I have a ‘goods in’ book to write what ingredients come in
a rough notes recipe  book of mixes I am working on
a diary log to write down what I have done in the kitchen that day
a technical file with all my procedures and risk analysis for each recipe
and – a final recipe book for when I am finally happy with the mix and the control procedures






It did take me hours of practice to get the system organised – but I have got the evening’s paper work after a bake down to about 2 hours now

The treat boxes have launched on-line HERE

More products will be added as I bake more stock