This week’s bakes

Right – I am there – sorry it’s late – it’s been hectic this morning – and I did 2 bakes last night so more labels and packing to do.

The main bake this week is liver – made with fresh liver from Lee round the corner.  Good old fashioned butchers with local fresh meat.

I am also starting to work on our own peanut butter cookie.  There is a bake ready today – and all feedback will be welcome to help improve the recipe.






This week’s bake

A special request from Charlie this week – he loved the carrot sticks and wants more!  How can you refuse?

It has given me the chance to go back to the carrot recipe that I made before and re work it with all I have learnt so far.

I have used fresh carrots – grated – cooked – & pureed by me.  It does take longer than using carrot puree but it get’s rid of a few more additives.  It also gives the treat a bit of texture – which means that the edges of the cookie are more rough – but I like the home baked rather than machine made looks.  I much prefer using fresh – so from now on all carrots I use will be cooked by me and not bought ready pureed.

I thought it would be fun to share where I get my ingredients from.  I do try to shop local and fresh – and apart from the dry store (flours, tins, honey type stuff) – I don’t keep things for weeks.

This is Beenies stall in the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Good – solig – proper – wholesome fruit and veg at decent prices.  When I got my veg for the week – I also picked up 3 carrots just to make the treats this week.

Yeah – most people in the town think I am a bit odd!!

Summer collar

This little darling has been custom made with the top loop a little longer because the dog has huge, fluffy ears and needs a bit of extra space to slip the collar on and off.




It has taken me ages to get my hands on gingham check in a 100% cotton – everything is poly cotton – or stupidly expensive.  I picked up this red – blue – yellow and mint and I will be making bandannas and collars – maybe even a couple of leads too.









Keep an eye on the SHOP – or CONTACT ME for more details




Vet – Check

We went to the vet’s to sign Alfie into the practice today.  I have left it a while so that he would settle in a bit first.  I have to admit that I was a bit concerned he would find it all too stressful and have a panic attack so instead of the usual nurse weight check up and exam I asked to see one of the long time vets.  I had several technical questions to ask that I felt needed a practiced more hand.

She was absolutely amazing.  Saw Alf’s problem as he walked into the exam room and she sat down on the on the floor – so did I – and we did all the work with our legs spread out with the a dog rolling about in the middle and he was amazing.

Result is – keep doing everything the same – slow and steady progress.
– He needs to put a ‘little’ more weight – he is still a puppy so needs to eat well.
– He has one ‘sticky’ ear that needs keeping up with cleaning.
– His teeth are a bit of a mess.  She thinks that in may have been malnutrition (either his mums or his as a baby) – she has never seen anything quite like it – but recommends he learns to have his teeth cleaned – I had already started to give him a toothbrush to chew so he gets used to the feel in his mouth.
– flea – mite – worm protection is a big priority – particularly mites – to protect his immune system. So I need to schedule the medication as it’s not compatible.
– His heart and the physical inspection were all fine.

– And she said he liked me and was bonding well. – He likes me – He likes me – what more is there!!!!!

At the moment he is crashed out on the sofa – completly shattered.


Meet our new Posh Dog Pal

I love to get photos of our Posh Dog Pals having fun with their new purchases.

Meet Madam Gwyn with her new favourite thing
















There are loads of toys listed in the shop now as I have been catching up with the batch I made earlier in the year.  I still have 1 big bagful to list – some braids to make – and a load of balls cut out ready to sew up.





Ding-dong-bell – open the door

Well – I did start listing the new doggie doorbells





Ummm – they are selling quicker than I can list them!

These training aids have been brewing for  while now – you may have seen the post a while back about them.  I have just got around to finalising the making process and I have a waiting list for them.  The priority of the coming week is to actually get some listed in the shop for general sale!

The designs will all vary – you know me – I love playing with colour and I have loads of pretty ribbons and tapes waiting to be made up.

The doorbells have their own section in the new accessories category – so keep an eye open this week and hopefully I will have several pattern to choose from





Weekend treats

So – I was popperting about in the kitchen thinking – ‘what on earth is that yummy fish smell’?

– that would be this week’s bake then!

They smell gorgeous!!! – Alfie adores them – but then he’s a soft target.

I was going to make tuna – but I could not get a tin of tuna in water – they were all in brine or sunflower oil.  So I got a tin of John west pink salmon, and use that – all the yummy salmon juices went in as well – which is probably why they smell so good.

There are also a few Banoffee Cookies’ left from last week – I have a 3 week use by – so they are still fine.

There are a few tasters on the front table – so grab them while you can

Snuggle bottom

Someone is getting the hang of the sofa.

He has slept well this week – so I have been able to get a bit of rest.  He is also improving a bit in his toilet habits – the problem is his agoraphobia.  He can manage a bit – but is so desperate to get back inside he forgets he hasn’t finished!

He is also improving in the shop.  He sits in his box most of the time and watches everyone.  He does still bark a bit – but don’t let it bother you if you come in and he does – it is only nerves – he hasn’t got a bad hear in his body.

There is no way he is up for a walk.  All we can manage is to the shop and back (luckily it’s only a couple of hundred yards round the corner) – and we do exactly the same thing every day.  He can come with me to the rubbish bin – and he quite likes that.  But there is no way he is up to explore.

I did have him sitting out by the back door in the sunshine.  He dived in and out a few times – but he did settle next to me eventually.

It’s all progress.

This weeks bakes

As it’s Alfie’s birthday this week I have 2 special bakes for you.

I have made Cheese and Bacon Treats – with whole meal flour – Cathedral cheddar – streaky bacon from Lee @ Watson & Woollard round the corner – and free range eggs from K.A.N.










And for a sweet treat – we have ‘Banoffee’ cookies.  Baked with whole meal flour – fresh bananas – Dogs can’t have toffee or sugar – so I have used organic honey from K.A.N.  – olive oil – along with free range egg.

Well Alf is impressed!!!

Available in the shop now.



Yeah – at last I have got my Pinterest account for The Posh Dog Clothing Company all set up.  It used to be just a board under my kitten name – but now it has a proper business account all of it’s own so I can split up the ranges.

If you want your pup featured on the Posh Dog Gang board just let me have a photo

search for The Posh Dog Clothing Company or use this link

Colour mad

Give a girl an idea and you get 6 all in different colours!!!!!

Loving my new blankets – going mad with colour mixes








Not sure why the lilac one has come out a bit pink – I always have problems photographing purples.

These are so super, snuggly soft – I can’t wait to do more!






Weekend treats

The bake this week is liver treats

I have to admit that I was a little anxious about using liver – I have seen so many people saying how horrid it is to work with – smelly and difficult to clean up after – that they weren’t going to bother again.  Well – I will – it was not big deal – and the dogs on my rounds this morning seemed to be well impressed.

Available in the shop while stocks last – 10 little bone shaped treats for £1.



I have been thinking about warning flags for absolutely ages.  Now I have Alfie – the need for one has become urgent.

You have to admit – he is beautiful!!!

One side of Alfie’s says CAUTION – and the other has I AM SHY on it.

The flags sit over any type lead.  Whether it is – rope – fabric – leather  – braided – chain – all of them will be suitable.  They are made from 100% bright yellow cotton so that they stand out when you are walking.  The printing is an iron on applied vinyl transfer – I print these so it can say just about anything you need.  The fabric is backed with a thick interfacing so it is strong and won’t buckle up – and the fun snaps on the bottom edge add a bit of colour to draw attention to it.

I have found it stops anyone just walking up to him and trying to pat him – totally terrifying the life out of him and making him pee himself.  People are now asking about him – and when they see him cower under me they kind of get it.  It is much better for him – he needs to see people about him – but know they are not interested in grabbing him.


I will be making standard one for – blind – deaf – unfriendly etc but if you want something in particular then just get in touch.  They will always be a bright yellow colour – it is what is used in the dog world for drawing attention to – and red just does not show the letters.  I could edge in a red trim if need be though.

They should start to appear in the shop soon – they will be Accessories section -when I have created it!!



Stinky Dog

dogs = smell.

Sorry – but dogs can rummage out the stinkiest smells to roll in – yo have been there – sheep poo – cow poo – and the worst (they REALLY love) – fox poo. EWWWWWW!!

Get this – handmade dog shampoo bar formulated specifically for dogs with natural ingredients to clean your pet without harsh detergents and preservatives. Our soaps are left curing for 6 weeks to ensure mildness and a pH level that won’t cause pH imbalance in the skin & coat of your dog. Gently cleanses without stripping the natural protective oils from the skin & coat. Delicately infused for sensitive noses with calming Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils so very kind to your hands too.

Comes in generous 80g shampoo bar and includes FREE shipping within UK.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Olivate (Olive) Oil, Aqua, Sodium palmate (RSPO Palm) Oil, Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea) Butter, Sodium Cocoate (Coconut) Oil, Cedrus Atlantica (Cedarwood) essential oil, Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) essential oil, *Linalool (*occurs naturally in essential oil)













Now a clean dog is a snuggly dog xxxx

Buy now direct from the maker – HERE


Alfie Update

The little lad is settling really well.  Just look at his head position.


His body posture is much better – he is eating his dinner in one go and not running off all the time and he has stopped hiding away from me – he comes and snuggles on the sofa.  He has the odd panic attack – but they are getting less.

He is in the shop front these days – he won’t be touched – but he does not hide his head anymore.  He did come out and say hello to a friend that dropped in – the goat and Wills were in the front so he was with them – and she has 2 dogs so smelt right – he actually nosed her before he took cover again.  Huge progress.

House training is proving a bit of a block – his agoraphobia means that he does not want to nose about outside – so he does something and wants to come straight back in – he forgets that there may be something else to do!

At the moment we have a good day, all boxes ticked – then 2 or 3 – not good – well – missed the team meeting days!  Overall – he is working so hard, and he’s such a sweetie.



Mashed brains knitting

You know me – I have to knit – can’t sit still if I am not knitting.  I had planned to be working on  new jumper knitting pattern – I did promise that I would work up the ‘Joseph’ in several other sizes – but with everything that has been going on my brains are mashed potatoes at the moment – but I still have to knit!!!

What to do?  I need something.  So – here we go – knit strips and make some blankets.  I get to knit and play with colours – without over taxing what’s left of the mash – what’s not to like?











This is the smallest size.  Worked with a chunky weight yarn on slightly smaller needles than normal you get a lovely soft, thick, snuggly blanket which will keep your pet really cozy – and as it’s Robin acrylic – you can wash it over and over again and it will come up like new.

Now I am ‘in the zone’ I am playing with colours.  The next blanket will be bigger – and a mix of 3 purples and an aqua colour.

Not finalised the prices yet –  but they will be similar to an equivalent sized jumper.




Weekend bakes

This week I have baked “chocolate” cookies.

Not human chocolate obviously!  Doggie chocolate is made from carob.  As we are ‘de-junking’ the recipes as much as possible – I have not used the processed dog drops – I bought a proper carob bar and grated it – so we still have no extra additives.

Available from the shop today and tomorrow.

Snuggle bottoms

There is nothing – nothing – in this world better than a happy, snuggly, furry pal.  Our favourite Posh Dog Pals just happen to be the special needs purries over at The Craft E Kittens.

These guys are all special needs cats.  Kitty has between 3 and 5 – depends on their care needs – and they love to try out our new products.  They have really taken to the new sleeping bags.  The long hair cuddle fleece is just so snuggly no one can get into the bag because they are too busy fluffing their bottoms on the soft pile!!!!

I am so pleased that they loving the snuggles

Bakes for the weekend

This week I have baked Apple Sticks and Cheese Love biscuits

This is the first time I have done 2 bakes – mainly because I promised everyone cheesey ones – but I wanted to experiment with the apple to see if my idea would really work (it did).

So  – first the Apple Sticks.  These are just apple and whole meal flour.  Literally – that’s it.  I shredded the whole apple – skin and all – and used it as the base for the biscuit.  They are a lovely golden colour because I don’t use any additive to bleach the raw apple – and they have a wonderful texture because of the skin and the whole meal.  You can really smell the apple in them.

Then the Cheese Love cookies.  A certain Alfie’s favourite!!!

I bought some super cute little shaped cutters so we can have all sorts of different shaped cookies.

I bake the treats on a low heat for a much longer time than people cookies so that they are harder and crunchy for the dogs to chew – and it helps them keep longer.  You can usually keep them for a good week – if you are allowed to !!!

Packs are available in the shop now – only today and tomorrow.  New flovour next week.



A vary rare sight

– Now this is something you don’t see very often – my work table clear and clean.  I have really cut back on my work load recently so I can keep my head above water – making a huge effort to finish up things – and not taking on any commissions.  The floor needs a good old much out with all the scraps and such – and then we can launch into summer work.

And – relax

Something that has done me a power of good these past couple of weeks is some goodies that I received from The Fabulous Fox.  I have serious problems with bath and soap products because of my Fibro – and they wanted to see if I was able to get along with their products.

I love – just love the bath salts.  I normally just chuck a handful of Epsom in the bath – but these Pink Bath Salts are divine.  I felt so much better after a soak in these.  And the smell is lovely – normally the added chemical scents make me gag – but this was really relaxing.

They also sent me some of the Cocoa butter soap.  Normally my hands are so sore after I wash them and feel all rough and scratchy.  This is the first time I can remember that my hands felt nice after washing – really soft and comfortable.  Wonderful.

I love washing my hands now and I would live to try their other bars.  They do a sample pack with a little bit of everything to try.  when things get a bit more settled – I will have to indulge myself!!!


find their website HERE