Leads and collars


Handmade fleece leads.

Fleece has many advantages over conventional materials –

  • Lightweight – but very strong
  • Very hard-wearing
  • The fleece has ‘give’ to protect the dog’s neck (and your arms) – really useful for a small or young dog
  • machine washable on a cool wash
  • Does not fray
  • Soft on your hands
  • Cleans the dog’s teeth as they play with it.

My leads all have different lengths, handles, clips and rings – please check the description very carefully – and check the lead length with the height of your dog to avoid disappointment.

The Lead ‘Weight’
This refers to the thickness of the fleece strips used to make the lead. Generally the light weight has thinner strips and is suitable for a smaller dog / rabbit / cat – and the heavy weight is made from much thicker strips for a large dog / lamb / goat / pony

** the braided fleece leads are incredibly strong and hard wearing – they do have quite a bit of ‘give’ in them and I would not recommend you use them for dogs that have serious pulling issues or need a chain check collar to work in.

The Cotton Fabric Range
The range of fabric collars and leads are made from 100% pure cotton printed fabric.  In total there are 4 layers of fabric with up to 4 layers of interfacing.  All the collars have a D ring for you to use for a name tag or lead clip – but not all the collars have an adjustable slide – please check the description carefully for the neck size/s.  The designs of the fabric will be constantly changing – It really depends what I pick up that I think is pretty – but if you want – say – lilac is your favorite colour – I will see what I have for you.

The cotton fabric collars and leads are in themselves very strong – and I make sure they are very well stitched.  You do need to bear in mind that the fabric is 100% cotton (I never use polycotton fabric) – and as such it does need looking after the way you would any cotton item.  The items can be washed – I would recommend a cool wash and put the item in a sock to protect the fastenings.  The fabric can be ironed on a hot iron taking care of any plastic fittings.  Make sure the fabric is dried well after getting wet – do not tumble dry – and avoid putting away damp.  I would not recommend the fabric collars for a dog that swims a lot – but a pretty lead would be fine.

The cotton range does not have my signature button – I was concerned that it would be too raised on the fabric – if you would like one added just let me know in the message section as you checkout.

We now also make Martingale collars.  These are fantastically soft and supportive on the dog’s neck – but the gentle check action will help keep any wayward pouch under control.  We have these in several widths and lengths to fit every size from greyhound down to the tinys.  I rarely make 2 in the same fabric – so grab them while you can – I do make leads to match – but again – once the season’s fabric patterns are used I can’t repeat the style.

Thank you