New Website

Posh Dog has not disappeared – we have been pottering about in the background – but due to  my crappy health issues – somethings have been left to slide.

BUT – guess what – we finally – finally have a proper fully functioning and selling website just for The Posh Dog Clothing Company.

It still is very much a work in-process – but it is fully functional and secure to order from.

The range has grown so much we out grew our old site – and we were borrowing space from others and sharing out our product listings – now everything is under one roof – and all the baking choices are fully listed with all their ingredients – which is something I have always wanted to do.

There are always kinks and wrinkles – spelling mistakes and typos – so if you spot anything let me know and I will send your dog a present.

Christmas Hours

No more commission work before Christmas please.

Both the websites will close after the weekend to ensure that all the Christmas orders go out properly in good time.

The Kendal shop will be open all Christmas week and close at 4pm on Saturday.  Then I am off for 10 days ‘holiday’.  The kitten website will be getting a make over during this time with a new shop opening for Posh Dog and Posh Dog bakes.

All the shops will reopen on Wednesday 3rd January for another year of wild and wacky fun and silliness.


I am so thrilled – I finally have a proper, separate cutting table.  It is going to make so much difference to be able to spread the whole length of fabric out properly.  I have been using the kitchen worktop – but it’s just too narrow when I am cutting the big coats.  And besides – I want to make a few bits for myself again.
It’s a large fold up one – so I can put it up in front of the TV and take my time when I want to do some cutting out – and when it fold up it sits against the cupboard wall perfectly.  I scrounged 2 from my son now he has closed his shop – so I have one for the summerhouse too.