When you come to the end of your lollipop

– To the end, to the end, of a lollipop,
When you come to the end of a lollipop,
Plop goes your heart!

The yellow honey bee fabric has been my most popular E-V-E-R.  If I could get another 10 metres I would – – but it’s all gone –  this is the very last scrap
The last little useable bits have gone into a couple of poo bag holders and a couple of key fobs.  These last bee goodies will be in the shop soon!!!










Present Problems?

Are teachers – babysitters – dog minders – etc – causing you a present problem?

You know you should – but you don’t want to spend too much – but you know you should (particularly if you want the teacher / sitter / minder to be extra nice to their charge !!!!!)

The ‘Walkies’ Range key fob Collagehas the answer.

Who doesn’t need a new key fob – boys or girls colours!
tissue pocket Collage

Tissue pouches – we all need that one!


poo bag Collage

Poo bag holder – not for everyone – but good for a doggie!

posh dog walkies lip salvelip salve – on you key ring – who’s not gonna to want that!


SHOP NOW – can post this week in time for Christmas






Need a quick gift for a dog lover? The Walkies Collection

The Walkies collection is a practical, fun way to grab everything you need for a quick run round the block – without spending ages looking for everything.

the posh dog clothing walkies collection key fob


Grab a wristband key fob






the posh dog clothing walkies collection poo bag

Add a poo bag holder






posh dog walkies lip salve


what about a lip balm




the posh dog clothing company walkies collection treat purse


don’t forget the treats!!!






the posh dog clothing walkies collection key fob poo bag treat purse Clip them all onto your key fob




New Year – New Season – Neeeeeeew Fabrics

As it’s January – everyone is in the jumper mood at the moment.  Even though it has been pretty mild for the time of year – there are still those guys out there that feel the chill – like to be snuggled – are a bit poorly / nursing / elderly – or ‘we have had THE haircut and now it’s a bit chilly’!  Love ’em all.

Quick little sneaky peek of the fabric that I have just bought in for making the spring range of bandannas and collars.

For those Sugar Skull lovers out there – just how cool are these.  The pattern is a bit large for the collars and leads (may do one or two – cos they are so good) – but – bandannas (all sizes) – harnesses (both) – all on the way.  If I don’t have your size listed on the website just ask if I have enough fabric left to make you one.

2014-05-31 02.41.47







And fabric for you ‘cutie’ fans – same rules apply.

2014-05-31 02.42.09







AND – I have finally finalised the chunky, triangle shape purse for the Walkies collection – and it is just such a fun shape. There will be more added to the website as time allows.









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The ‘Walkies’ range

I have been beavering away in the background adding new fabrics to the ‘Walkies’ Range while I streamline my manufacturing skills.

All handmade to my own designs in 100% cotton fabrics.  There are only ever 1 or 2 of a pattern in each item – so if you like the pattern grab it while you can.

key fob Collage


Loads of choice in the key fobs now






tissue pocket Collage

I am thrilled with the way the tissue pouches are turning out – brilliant for just popping into your handbag too.




poo bag Collage


I have just finished a batch of discrete poo bag holders – don’t know about you – but I really don’t want the world to know what is in my bag!





Handmade Posh Dog The ‘Walkies’ Range – Wrist Strap 004

Handmade Posh Dog The'Walkies Range Wrist Strap 004



The wrist strap is the basic starter for your Posh Dog Walkies Kits. The fabric straps are made in the same way as the collars – with layers and interfacing.  A wrap-around fabric tab securely holds a split ring that you can attach all your Walkies necessities to, and slips on your wrist for security.

Add your key to the split ring – mix and match with the clip on Poo Bag Holder – the coin purse – tissue pocket – to make a handy ‘grab everything’ when you just want to run poochie round the corner to grab a newspaper. 

The colours are as shown.

approx 11″ circumference to the knitted band.

Hand rinse in cool water and hang to dry.

They are available in different patterns and colours and sell for £3.50 each.


Handmade Posh Dog The ‘Walkies’ Range – Tissue Pockets


posh dog walkies tissue pocket



posh dog walkies tissue

A new addition to the ‘Walkies’ Range this winter – a super convenient pocket to keep those little packets of tissues that we all have – and generally end up split and all over the place.


Handmade with a bright, happy, outer pattern fabric – and a contrast lining.  A short Grosgrain ribbon with a clip allows easy fixing to your ‘Walkies’ wristband, key ring or bag.

The colours are as shown.

Standard size to hold the individual packets of tissues.

Made from 100% cotton fabrics.  Hand rinse in cool water and hang to dry.

There are lots of different patterns and colours to choose from – and they sell at £3.50 each  (includes the first pack of tissues to start you off).




Posh Dog ‘Walkies’ Range

posh dog walkies range lip balm




A new addition to the ‘Walkies’ range is a pouch for your lip salve.  I am in the final stages of co-ordinating the production process so that it is step perfect.  It will be a strong outer pattern layer and a matching plain inner – both 100% cotton of course – and a lovely big strong D ring to attach to your wrist strap / key ring / bag clasp.

Keep an eye open on Facebook for updates – and on the website for new listings

Hand-made Posh Dog Toy 0008.

posh dog toys

Handmade bone shape fleece dog toy – some have noisemakers in and some don’t.

Yellow / striped

8 1/2″ / 21cm (approx)

Bell noise

** The filling is hypoallergenic and has passed British Standards EN71, BS1425, BS5852

Polar fleece is super soft, cuddly and anti-pill, i.e. no bobbling whatsoever after a wash. Available in a large variety of colours and fun prints!

Fabric composition: 100% Polyester


different sizes and noise / no noise are different prices


New additions to the ‘Walkies’ range

The Posh Dog ‘Walkies’ range

Posh dog walkies set tissue holders

I am so pleased to say that I have now mastered the ‘Tissue Pocket’ part of the ‘Walkies’ set.

These super little fabric pouches have a clip (the final version has yet to be decided, so it will vary with each one I make at the moment) so that you can add them to your wristband ‘Walkies’ holder to have them on hand – for the cold winter months when you need a tissue – or for a ‘jippy’ tummy doggie – and you all know where that leads!

I shall be making a basket full of these for the shop but may not get to listing everything on line for a while.  They come with a starter pack of tissues – but take the standard tissue refill pack so you can top them up when you need to.

Don’t forget to add one to your handbag – really handy

£3.50 each