The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Often go awry – well just about always in my case ūüėā ūü§£ ūüėā

I was all set for this week – all the work was scheduled to get on with the website – and the Christmas plans – and then the rains last Saturday came into the shop.¬† I was stood serving a customer – and I thought – why am I standing in 1/2″ of water? – Answer – the drains at the end of the alley were blocked – and all the rainwater backed up and came up the out pipe in the middle of the shop.

No damage Рjust wet thank goodness.  So I pulled everything up of the floor Рpiled it in the back room Рand went home for the weekend to let everything dry out.   I did manage to finish a great fun Santa suit ready to launch Рand a couple of jumpers knitted Рand the last of Halloween is out.

Last Call for any Halloween bandannas.

There are a few left – any orders will be posted out on Tuesday to get to you for next weekend

The treat flavours for Autumn are Harvest Supper – Toffee Apple and Pumpkin Pie

Pre-orders are being taken for the Christmas Dinner Treat Box as well – order here

I will start baking in November – but I won’t be baking all through December.¬† If you pre-order – yours will be sent out first – when all the pre-orders are complete – it will be first come first served.

Wishing you all a dry week ahead

laughy doglove
Posh Dog




Happy New Year

We are back from our holiday – I haven’t been out – seen any one – done anything for 10 days.¬† Alfie was NOT a happy chappy to have to come out to work this morning!

The new unit is in the shop – and it’s all a bit of a pickle at the moment.¬† It is going to look fabulous when it’s all painted tidy again – just bear with me while I de-junk after Christmas and we will be rearing to go again!!!



Working on the night shift

OK you guys – over the Christmas hols I am transferring The Posh Dog Clothing to a new website.

No need to panic РWe are growing stronger Рand I am just putting it all under the Bricks and Mortar shop site as that is the one that gets all the attention!  In the long run it will save me a bit of money and be easier to run.

In the short term –¬†

will still list everything for you

over the next few weeks products will be moved over to

the princesskitten site will stay active during this time – until all the items have been moved over – after that this site will be used as a transfer page to the new one.

In the mean time –
email for commission work –
facebook – search the posh dog clothing company –¬†

Most of my baking sales are coming through the Conscious Crafties site

Either way – I am taking this next few weeks to gear up for next year!!!!


It’s quiet – SSSHHhhhhhh

It’s all quiet in the Posh Dog Summerhouse – apart form the chomping.











The studio is now fully redecorated Рjust a tiny little bit of trim to add Рand I think I may add hang a couple of naked light bulbs for the dark winter months.  I hardly used it last winter as I was so rough РI will need a good light to work by.  I am so pleased with it.

It’s not my fault – the internet ate it!!!

Between a shop refit Рand internet hell  I have been MIA for РEVVVVVVER Рwell it feels like it anyway.

I have Alfie updates – and new baking – and new sewing – and new knitting – and new stuff – and the fidget knickers on

and huge apologies for being away – will I improve )probably not( !!!

But – there is loads of Posh stuff going all the time!!!!

Alfie update

I am soooo proud of the Alfster – – he has gone 1 whole week being dry in the house! ¬†That is so amazing – not 1 single ‘accident’ – and he fetched me to his paper space so show me what he had done – so that shows that he is starting to get muscle / brain messages happening – gosh – so proud!!

Bare in mind that 4 months ago this dog had never had any personal contact at all – no idea of what snuggling was – how to get on a sofa – and was totally freaked by the TV – how far have we come!

Yeah – next week we will have ‘accidents’ – and we still have such a long way to go – – but ‘this week’ – scrummie puppie takes all the prizes

Bit of housekeeping needed

I have been doing really well with my reorganising.  I have my high desk clear and undercontrol Рthe kitchen counter is clear and fully useable again Рeven the back room floor is nearly clear Рmay even be able to vacuum soon!

The elephant is the room – – – my big office desk!!

Serious head down and clear the backlog of paperwork and listing is needed this week!



This week’s bake

This week I have made Salmon Nibbles – mainly because I have just bought a new fish shape cutter.
Alfie adores them – he nearly took my fingers off for one when they came out of the oven – and he’s been bumping me ever since. ¬†He was even brave enough to ask a customer who comes in every Thursday morning to pick up this week’s bake for one – that’s HUGE progress. ¬†She was so chuffed that he went up to her.

I did experiment with adding a bit of wheat bran (English and organic) into the dough.  It did make the treats more crisp Рbut I found it dried the dough out quite a bit more than normal and I had to add more olive oil than I usually do.  Unless anyone can give me a good reason that it adds healthy benefits to the treats Рonce the pack has gone I will go back to oatmeal or try something else to add a bit more texture.

My paperwork is now with the DEFRA vet and I am waiting for my kitchen inspection to find out what else I need to or change.

Make over

I originally made this little dresser for my mum’s anniversary. ¬†I have been using it as yarn storage in my summerhouse work shop – there is loads of shelf space and a cupboard to hide things in. ¬†It’s years old and very dated – but it’s solid pine and a lovely little piece of furniture and I wanted to keep it.

I got some of the new Rustoleum Furniture Paint because it’s designed to use directly on the surface with no prep or sanding – which will make things so much easier for me to cope with.

It has taken me 3 weeks to repaint it – 2 coats of Chalk White all over (inside as well) – and a coat of sealing polish – and new door knobs!!

I am so thrilled with it – especially the ‘diamond’ door knobs. ¬†I will finish filling the shelves with my knitting machine cones after I get my new carpet down. ¬†My winter blankets are hidden in the cupboard – and my old 1890s Singer sits on the top. ¬†It looks amazing with my black and white scheme

Serious pot

How about this one then?






This is one serious pot of peanut butter.  I thought crunchy would give a bit of extra texture and crunch.  It contains Рpeanuts Рnothing else Рno extra oils or sugars Рjust whole peanuts.  I have started my goods in book so that I have a proper record of ingredients and their code numbers.  Loving all this!


Incy, wincy spider

Well – it looks like a spider to me!

I have spent all weekend working on the food hygiene plan that I have to produce.  I started with the one for liver Рit is 5 pages long Рyes Рreally.  I thought you might like to see the flowchart from it.

It’s upside down – I can’t get it right way up – mind you – that’s pretty much of my brain at the moment!

Any one off to Scotland?

Posh Dog has a new outlet РCheck HERE 

Trishy at No 26
26 Kempock Street
PA19 1NA
It is a craft gallery Рwith all sorts of makers contributing.  I wish they were a bit nearer Рtheir stuff looks amazing.  I love the little hand painted bags Рand the soaps Рand they have wands Рand home baked treats Рsoooo yummie.
Trishy is very active in supporting her crafters.  The Facebook page is full of gorgeous images to drool over Рand she is always holding events or taking stuff out to shows and events.  Ohh to have that much energy these days!
It is quite a busy tourist and walkers area – so I am hoping that it will be a boost for us – there are not all that many people making for dogs.
They are not selling on line – but with the gorgeous things they have in stock they have – they so should! – this is their Facebook page

Snuggle bottom

Someone is getting the hang of the sofa.

He has slept well this week – so I have been able to get a bit of rest. ¬†He is also improving a bit in his toilet habits – the problem is his agoraphobia. ¬†He can manage a bit – but is so desperate to get back inside he forgets he hasn’t finished!

He is also improving in the shop. ¬†He sits in his box most of the time and watches everyone. ¬†He does still bark a bit – but don’t let it bother you if you come in and he does – it is only nerves – he hasn’t got a bad hear in his body.

There is no way he is up for a walk. ¬†All we can manage is to the shop and back (luckily it’s only a couple of hundred yards round the corner) – and we do exactly the same thing every day. ¬†He can come with me to the rubbish bin – and he quite likes that. ¬†But there is no way he is up to explore.

I did have him sitting out by the back door in the sunshine.  He dived in and out a few times Рbut he did settle next to me eventually.

It’s all progress.


Yeah – at last I have got my Pinterest account for The Posh Dog Clothing Company all set up. ¬†It used to be just a board under¬†my kitten name – but now it has a proper business account all of it’s own so I can split up the ranges.

If you want your pup featured on the Posh Dog Gang board just let me have a photo

search for The Posh Dog Clothing Company or use this link

Alfie Update

The little lad is settling really well.  Just look at his head position.


His body posture is much better Рhe is eating his dinner in one go and not running off all the time and he has stopped hiding away from me Рhe comes and snuggles on the sofa.  He has the odd panic attack Рbut they are getting less.

He is in the shop front these days – he won’t be touched – but he does not hide his head anymore. ¬†He did come out and say hello to a friend that dropped in – the goat and Wills were in the front so he was with them – and she has 2 dogs so smelt right – he actually nosed her before he took cover again. ¬†Huge progress.

House training is proving a bit of a block – his agoraphobia means that he does not want to nose about outside – so he does something and wants to come straight back in – he forgets that there may be something else to do!

At the moment we have a good day, all boxes ticked – then 2 or 3 – not good – well – missed the team meeting days! ¬†Overall – he is working so hard, and he’s such a sweetie.



A vary rare sight

– Now this is something you don’t see very often – my work table clear and clean. ¬†I have really cut back on my work load recently so I can keep my head above water – making a huge effort to finish up things – and not taking on any commissions. ¬†The floor needs a good old much out with all the scraps and such – and then we can launch into summer work.

And – relax

Something that has done me a power of good these past couple of weeks is some goodies that I received from The Fabulous Fox.  I have serious problems with bath and soap products because of my Fibro Рand they wanted to see if I was able to get along with their products.

I love Рjust love the bath salts.  I normally just chuck a handful of Epsom in the bath Рbut these Pink Bath Salts are divine.  I felt so much better after a soak in these.  And the smell is lovely Рnormally the added chemical scents make me gag Рbut this was really relaxing.

They also sent me some of the Cocoa butter soap.  Normally my hands are so sore after I wash them and feel all rough and scratchy.  This is the first time I can remember that my hands felt nice after washing Рreally soft and comfortable.  Wonderful.

I love washing my hands now and I would live to try their other bars.  They do a sample pack with a little bit of everything to try.  when things get a bit more settled РI will have to indulge myself!!!


find their website HERE



Poochie love

Alfie is making huge progress in settling in.  It is going to take time Рhe has been in care for months and he has no experience of anything.

He has taken to sitting on the sofa though.  I had to teach him how to get up on the seat Рand he was scared to do it by himself for a while Рbut he got u p all by himself last night Рand chewed the pattern I was trying to write up.

Welcome Alfie

Please welcome Alfie to the family







Alfie has come to me from The Animal Care Centre in Lancaster.  He is about 10 months and terrified of just about everything.  The TV totally freaked him out Рand he literally jumped 2 foot in the air when he saw his shadow.

He has the sweetest, gentlest nature and loves cuddles.  He is very keen to learn and you can see his ears go up because he is desperate to have a go Рbut is too scared.  He is showing great progress already and can get on the sofa by himself and is learning his name.

He is smaller than he looks in the photo – large terrier size really. ¬†He will be coming to work with me – but he won’t be meeting and greeting the public for a few weeks until he gets used to being out in public.





It is with much sadness and a heavy heart that I have to let you all know I lost Henry in the night.

He died in my arms Рsnuggling up like he always loved to.  It was very peacefully Рhe just stopped breathing.

I will not be taking on any commission work during April.

Doggie update

Doggie update – Henry is still very poorly and will be resting at home this week.

The vet is saying it’s his lungs – but it could be bronchitis or a hardening of the muscles. ¬†He is on steroids every day and seems fairly content in himself. ¬†He is puffing and panting all the time – and can’t do much in the way of moving about as he gets tired too quickly. ¬†It is a case of treat – rest – peace and quiet – and keep an eye on. ¬†Check up on Friday so he can monitor any changes.

SO – I may be a bit late opening in the mornings – and I will be going home around mid-day to give him his lunch for about half an hour. His weight is dropping so fast he really must eat every couple of hours or so.

We will have to take every day at a time and see how we progress.

Email – leave a message on the answer phone – or Facebook – if you want me for anything – and I will get back to you as soon as I can

I am going to be quiet for a while

Opening times will be a bit erratic this week!
I am sorry – but the little doggie is very poorly. He did not want to come in to day so I will be popping home to check on him and try to get him to eat a bit of lunch – and I will probably be going home early. And we will be back and forth to the vet while they try to work out what the matter is.
I won’t be online – posting or facebook much – you can leave a message on the answer phone – or email me and I will pick it up when I can. ¬†Anything desperate – phone hubby on the house phone
Nothing is more precious that my baby