Stinky Dog

dogs = smell.

Sorry – but dogs can rummage out the stinkiest smells to roll in – yo have been there – sheep poo – cow poo – and the worst (they REALLY love) – fox poo. EWWWWWW!!

Get this – handmade dog shampoo bar formulated specifically for dogs with natural ingredients to clean your pet without harsh detergents and preservatives. Our soaps are left curing for 6 weeks to ensure mildness and a pH level that won’t cause pH imbalance in the skin & coat of your dog. Gently cleanses without stripping the natural protective oils from the skin & coat. Delicately infused for sensitive noses with calming Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils so very kind to your hands too.

Comes in generous 80g shampoo bar and includes FREE shipping within UK.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Olivate (Olive) Oil, Aqua, Sodium palmate (RSPO Palm) Oil, Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea) Butter, Sodium Cocoate (Coconut) Oil, Cedrus Atlantica (Cedarwood) essential oil, Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) essential oil, *Linalool (*occurs naturally in essential oil)













Now a clean dog is a snuggly dog xxxx

Buy now direct from the maker – HERE


William has a b-a-t-h

You have to spell it – he is TERIFIED of the ‘B’ word.

The mutt that you can’t keep out of the river – swims across the reservior because it’s there – and can’t keep out of the sea because he soooo loves to body surf – – is totally terified of having a bath.

Well – we braved it – wills-wildwashwe had a bath with the wildwash Sensitive shampoo.

He looks amazing – fluffy and curly teady bear coat.  It does not have a stong smell – he just smells clean.  It has a decent amount of foam – but not too much – and it washed out of his coat much more easily then commercial shampoo.

I have handed out several samples now – and the responce has been very positive.

I have the paw balm too – waiting for the sample jars to arrive before I can give out samples but I will let you know when they are available.

I love that it is handmade – not processed – here in the UK – using all natural ingredients – certified organic – and we are the only stockest in the North West.

SHOP NOW online – or drop into the shop

who’s a mucky mutt then?


Have just been accepted by wild wash to stock their products


I love their products – more improtant – I love their ethos and results – we are both working to produce – not just the very best products for our furry pals – but also to give you the information behind it – and why it works.

There is no one else in the North West – and only one other place in the whole North of the country – stocking these wonderful products.

So – I have the goods on order – and William on standby (with all his skins problems) is getting soooo excited about the forthcoming bath (or not!!!!)