And – we are off – well – on really I guess!

Not sure if it’s off – when you are putting it on – oooh my little head!


the posh dog clothing company waterproof





Adding several sizes to the shop now.

I only have red and green in this waterproof – but there will be loads of different sizes and inners.

You will find them in both the Fleece Coats and Sewn Clothes categories.




Sooo – if a human display model is a manikin
– is the dog equivalent a dogikin?

I have been struggling to make a paper pattern for a ‘proper’ waistcoat for the guys – with the buttons at the chest rather than down the back as you usually find them.  Much as I try – Henry won’t stand still and let me stick pins in him to experiment!!!!!!!

So I thought – why not make a life size model – yeah – that’s easy!!!!!

So – here is my first ‘small’ dog model – up-cycled suede type curtain – cool or what

posh dog manikin

So – now I can experiment with fitting clothing to the shape

posh dog clothing

now I need to make a ‘large’ dog size – – any one want to draw me a shape?


sew – sew – sew

I have got this old girl going – needs a little bit of work on it!

the posh dog sewing machineI have been after a spare sewing machine for the summer house so I can start experimenting on waterproof clothing – and I was so thrilled when my old Aunt’s / mum’s machine turned up out duing the attic clearout.
I have got it going – jeeps – needs a good service – the smell of old oil – yuk.  I havn’t finally dated it yet – but these were made between 1960 – 65 as the first domestic machine will a full set of pre-programmed stitch patterns.

the posh dog clothing company sewing machine

You lift the flap at the top and there is a huge selections of stitches and techniques that the machine can do – it all done with the 2 sliding leavers that are on the machine arm.

You adjust the stitch length with the long downward leaver on the right – and change the stitch direction by moving the leaver up.  It is so weird to go back to having to move a leaver to do something rather than seeing a screen and pushing a button – I had forgotten that the needle does not always finish up in the same place and you have to ‘joggle’ it.

I want to give the machine a good old clean out to get rid of all the old oil and reoil it – and I want to have the foot pedal / power cable rewired – I have a few samples of waterproof fabrics on order from my favourate shop – and then I can start to work  on some patterns for waterproof – coats – capes – – onesies???



Who’s a pretty boy then?

Not really sure if I am supposed to show you before the competition ends – but what the heck – it’s not as if we will win – but we may provide a few laughs along the way.

Yes – it’s Henry in a skirt!

the posh dog clothing company upcycled lace harness







I have entered The Makery sewing challenge 2016 – this year the theme is to upcycle a pair of old jeans.  This was a pair of my sons old black jeans – and some seriously gorgeous wide, red lace.  I have made a little pocket and trimmed it in tartan – and trimmed the lace in tartan to match – the binding is white stars on red – and all the top stitching is done in red.  It is lined with a red fleece that has a star/ snowflake type pattern.

This is more for a dog who will walk nicely on a harness (not like Henry!) – and it’s more for special occasions than everyday wear.

This is ththe posh dog clothing company relovede first of a new line called ‘Re-loved’.  I want to do more recycling with all the beautiful vintage fabric out there.


2015-02-04 01.48.192015-02-04 01.53.08


2015-02-04 01.52.58




Handmade Posh Dog Season Pants

For the girls!
posh dog season pants

We have all had to cope with the results of being a girlie.  Let’s shout out and be proud of it!

Some girlies in season have a huge loss – some are very distressed by what is happening – sometimes you just need to make sure they are ‘safe’.  My new range of season pants are 100% cotton with velcro fastenings for a snug fit.  There is no interfacing in these to keep the fabric  super soft  and so that they can just go in and out of the wash as often as you need.

Add a panty liner – or a sanitary towel for heavy loss – use plain while out walking for protection.

posh dog pants




New style top

This is a total cute overload!!!

A new style fleece top in 4 sizes.  They have a big, wide funnel necks and short sleeves – short in the body so length does not matter.  There are no fastenings to these – the dog puts this on like a proper jumper – over the head and one paw at a time into the sleeves – so perhaps not a first jumper for a wiggly puppy!

2014-09-14 03.22.28
This is the tiny size – suitable for chihuahua, yorkies, daxies,





posh dog fleece top

This is the 3rd size – big and baggy – or a smaller lab size




The weather is still pretty nippy – so poochie will still get quite a bit of wear out of these before the summer really kicks in.

Just starting to add to the shop