Posh Dog Scarfs

scarfs This is the new image for the Scarf category in the shop.  Isn’t he fab?

I know it’s crazy – but it’s been so chilly so far this month that I have started work on the winter knitting!

At the moment I am working on a multi-size scarf pattern with  knitted in loop that holds the scarf tail in place and looks really smart round the dog’s neck.  ((Actually – on yours as well! – I have one of my own for the colder months)).  They are simple for beginners to knit – they just take a bit of time – and the pattern will be available for you to work for yourself when I have finished working out all the sizes

Here’s a taster

the posh dog clothing company scarfs

Hand knitted Posh Dog Scarf – 023

Hand knitted Posh Dog Scarf

Hand knitted Posh Dog Scarf – 023

Hand knitted dog neck warmers – there is a loop knitted into one end of the scarf to thread the other tail end through.  Pull it tight and it stays snug and cosy around the dog’s neck.

Made locally in the Lake District.

This one is suitable for up to 12″ / 30cm neck.

Purple random yarn with a beautiful ‘fluffy’ yarn on the base.

measurements are very approximate – there is quite a lot of ‘give’ in these.

Made colour yarn is Robin 100% acrylic yarn – the fluffy end is a a synthetic fibre yarn.

machine washable on cool – do not iron.

All my dog hand-made wear has a dog shape button detail.