It’s all a bit pants

It’s very quiet in the town so I have skipped doing a bake this week.  Instead I have a couple of commissions to get done.

First on the machine is a big pair of pants for one of our Posh Dog pals.  He has worn my belly bands for a couple of years – but now he’s getting a bit more – um – ‘leaky’?  So we have decided to make him a big pair of proper big girl pants.

It’s a bit of guess work as to if it will work – but you have to helps them out don’t you



It’s all gone pants

Yeah – I know – corny title.  We now have 5 sizes of dog pants available – and – because it’s us – we are wearing our pants with colourful pride.

handmade dog pants from The Posh Dog Clothing Company





We love bright, colourful stuff in our life – but I can only make the stuff you like too.  In the SHOP you will find readymade pants and belly bands – but we do understand that not all of you want to shout out so loud.

If you would like a sanitary product made in a plain colour to match your dog – just ask – it’s no problem.


Handmade Posh Dog Season Pants

For the girls!
posh dog season pants

We have all had to cope with the results of being a girlie.  Let’s shout out and be proud of it!

Some girlies in season have a huge loss – some are very distressed by what is happening – sometimes you just need to make sure they are ‘safe’.  My new range of season pants are 100% cotton with velcro fastenings for a snug fit.  There is no interfacing in these to keep the fabric  super soft  and so that they can just go in and out of the wash as often as you need.

Add a panty liner – or a sanitary towel for heavy loss – use plain while out walking for protection.

posh dog pants