Busy Bees

This past couple of weeks things have really taken off!!!

We are at the point now where things are selling faster than I can get them listed.  So we are going to try a change of tactics.

This week end I will be working with these fleece fabrics to make coats.

First – we have a couple of novelty patterns

Also a smart Argyle pattern in 3 colour ways

If you would like a certain size – holler out and bag yours now.  kittenandgoat@gmail.com

PS – there is not much of the red left already!

Also – new bandanna fabrics.  I have been looking for a copyright free Super Hero theme for e-v-e-r – and finally I have one – well 2 – green or orange.  The other is a blue ‘nautical’ look dog theme.  Shout out and let me know if you fancy one

Love and licks

Posh Dog


Summer fun

I have finally got some new summer fabric bandannas listed.  Do you know how hard it has been to find 100% cotton fabric in a gingham check?  Don’t schools have summer uniforms anymore?

These are from Rose & Hubble – I love their designs – quite often use their fabrics (and the are CE approved).

Some have bright backs – but some have more soft, muted colours and are really pretty.






Just added

Just listed a couple of bandannas in the classic Skull and Crossbones.  This is quickly becoming ‘the fabric of the season’.  It’s funny how there is always one that every one wants!

I bought 2 metres and the pattern is a bit big for collars so it will all end up as bandannas – harness – perhaps a waist coat type thing?

the posh dog clothing company bandanna yellow






the posh dof clothing company halloween bandanna










It’s nice to find a Halloween fabric that is not skulls for a change!

the posh dog clothing company halloween bandannasI am aware that time is getting on  – but I just have to get this fabric out there!  I am going to try to make 3 bandannas every evening/morning and list them during the day.

Grab them when you see what you want – I will only be making these for the next 2 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE – I have run out of my signature dog buttons that I normally add to the point so until I am able to get some more – I won’t be able to add them.  I know – bandannas have flown off the pegs this summer – I can’t keep up!!!!!



the-posh-dog-clothing-company-cotton-bandanna-76There will be a bit of a limited choice to specific Halloween patterns this year – there is just not much about!  I was chatting to one of my suppliers last week and it’s not me – they just have no produced much in 100% cotton.

Aparently – the manufactors have gone for much more poly cotton this year – which is no good for us!  I only ever use the 100% cotton because it take much more wear and washes much better – there is a bit of difference in the prices – but I think it’s worth the little extra cost for something that will do the job we want it too.

I have managed to gather several more general skull / sugar skulls / gothic skuls.

So – bottom line – I am adding what I have the next couple of weeks – so grab them while you can – there really won’t be any more this year



Handmade Posh Dog Bandanna – 066.

This has to ‘bee’ my fave fabric of the season

posh dog summer bandnna

– there is not much of it left now.  I may be able to get a couple more of the ‘Walkies’ goodies – and I am going to have a go at hair scrunchies, so I may get 1 or 2 of those if I can get the length.  Or – Patchwork stripy ones – now that’s a thought!!!!!

Bandannas available in all the summer patterns – in all sizes at the moment.


New Year – New Season – Neeeeeeew Fabrics

As it’s January – everyone is in the jumper mood at the moment.  Even though it has been pretty mild for the time of year – there are still those guys out there that feel the chill – like to be snuggled – are a bit poorly / nursing / elderly – or ‘we have had THE haircut and now it’s a bit chilly’!  Love ’em all.

Quick little sneaky peek of the fabric that I have just bought in for making the spring range of bandannas and collars.

For those Sugar Skull lovers out there – just how cool are these.  The pattern is a bit large for the collars and leads (may do one or two – cos they are so good) – but – bandannas (all sizes) – harnesses (both) – all on the way.  If I don’t have your size listed on the website just ask if I have enough fabric left to make you one.

2014-05-31 02.41.47







And fabric for you ‘cutie’ fans – same rules apply.

2014-05-31 02.42.09







AND – I have finally finalised the chunky, triangle shape purse for the Walkies collection – and it is just such a fun shape. There will be more added to the website as time allows.









Sign up and stay tuned for all the news












Handmade Posh Dog Bandanna – 027 – A Collar’s for Christmas.

I only have the 2 smaller sizes in Christmas pattern Bandannas.  These neckerchiefs are becoming really popular and my first job after the Christmas holidays is to start on a range of pretty Spring designs for you

Handmade dog bandannas – double sided – one patterned – one plain.

Fabric as images


posh dog bandanna sizes

All the fabrics I use are 100% cotton printed pattern fabric – cool wash – warm iron

All my hand-made dog wear has a dog shaped button detail.

Handmade Posh Dog Bandanna 025  A Collar's for Christmas