Measure twice – cut out 26 times

I think I have worked it out – I love designing and playing with my fabric – and cutting out – but I want to cut out more!  It’s the getting organised and sorting it all out after that is the hard work.  And when you have finished – the photographing and listing – well that’s like eating a frog!!!!

I have decided to learn a few bag making tricks this year and expand the Posh Dog range to make things for people out of dog patterned fabrics –  bags – purses – useful bits and bobs to try to gain a few sales in the summer months.  The coats and jumpers go crazy during the winter months – but come April I need other ideas.

I am calling it Posh Dog for You and so far there are camera straps and a pretty soft bag.

Coming soon will be bags and storage – and a few other useful items.  If you have any suggestions for a project just let me know.

You will find the new items under the Accessories section of the shop





Alfie is legal!

I finally got round to getting Alfie a name tag – and I got the most wonderful tag

I love the heart shape – and it’s thinker than normal.  And I love that you can see someone has engraved it – not a machine.

But – you know me – have to fiddle!  Alfie has several collars (and I always getting a new one!) – so I wanted an easy way to swap it about.
If you would like to get your own disc made – the link is here







You know we are always up for something a bit different here at Posh Dog – so how about this for a giggle.

Puppy Training Aid – The Doggie Doorbell!!

the posh dog clothing company doggie doorbellTrain your pup to sound the bells when they want to go out for a tinkle.

Yes – we are serious!

  • You hang the bells on the front/back door handle (there are also snaps so you can adjust the length to fit a safety gate).
  • Every time you take your dog out for a walk / wee – you get the dog to paw the bells to shake them and say ‘wee-wees’ (or what ever your command is!).
  • The dog will learn that ringing the bell means they get to go out for a wee and they will start to tell you when they need to go out.
  • It also works for cats!

I take no responsibility for dogs that learn to nag you to take them out for lots of walks.the posh dog clothing company laughy-dog




Christmas is coming – –

And we are overdosing on cuteness.

The first Christmas stockings are listed in the shop
posh dog clothing christmas tockings
There are 3 sizes – I have used a tiger print fleece for the main structure – lined with different patterned Christmas themed cotton fabric and trimmed with a bit of fun fur.


The pattern is my own – from an inspiration I saw in a catalogue made up in horrid fabrics.  If you knew how meany times I have worked this so that it turns right side out and sits properly!!!!!

I have only made a few to see how they go – but if there is enough interest I will make some more.


Summer Fun

Yaaaaah – it’s finally warmed up and we can turn our thoughts to a bit of summer fun.

Got a wedding or summer party coming up?

posh dog corsage

Big, dramatic, corsage rose: satin, net, glitter – what’s not to love?

The flowers are set onto a 100% soft herringbone tape with a side action clip buckle and adjuster to ensure a snug fit.  I have them in this blue, hot pink, black – and if I can find some light purple herringbone – lilac.

They are £4.50 and starting to appear in the shop.

  • Please note – these are for decoration only – not intended for use with a lead.


Doggie Wash Cloths

Something a bit different for you today – doggie wash cloths!

2014-07-20 01.12.39 2014-07-20 01.13.42 2014-07-20 01.15.50

  • These are bone shaped – so you will never get them mixed up with your own again.
  • Hand crochet in 100% cotton yarn – so you can give them a good hot wash.
  • Available in 3 different sizes for the tinies – to the biggies.
  • The cotton yarn is lovely and soft on the dog’s face – so it is perfect for round the eyes – but it is really strong and hard wearing too.
  • The coloured trim is also 100% cotton yarn.

Prices start at £2.50 for the smallest size



New Year – New Season – Neeeeeeew Fabrics

As it’s January – everyone is in the jumper mood at the moment.  Even though it has been pretty mild for the time of year – there are still those guys out there that feel the chill – like to be snuggled – are a bit poorly / nursing / elderly – or ‘we have had THE haircut and now it’s a bit chilly’!  Love ’em all.

Quick little sneaky peek of the fabric that I have just bought in for making the spring range of bandannas and collars.

For those Sugar Skull lovers out there – just how cool are these.  The pattern is a bit large for the collars and leads (may do one or two – cos they are so good) – but – bandannas (all sizes) – harnesses (both) – all on the way.  If I don’t have your size listed on the website just ask if I have enough fabric left to make you one.

2014-05-31 02.41.47







And fabric for you ‘cutie’ fans – same rules apply.

2014-05-31 02.42.09







AND – I have finally finalised the chunky, triangle shape purse for the Walkies collection – and it is just such a fun shape. There will be more added to the website as time allows.









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Posh Dog Accessories – The Walkies Set

I don’t know about you – but when I pop round the corner with the dog all I want to grab is my door key – his poo bags – perhaps a small purse with a few coins in if I am going for a paper.  So with speed and ease in mind Posh Dog brings you ‘The Walkies Set’.

You start with a hand knitted wristband that has a ribbon woven through the pattern with a large split ring enclosed in it so you have a secure place for a key.

Posh Dog walkies wrist strap





To carry a few poo bags we have 100% cotton fabric pouches with an elastic top and a clip to attach to the ring on the wrist strap.

posh dog bag holder

They come with a roll of bags to start you off – the elastic makes it easy to add more bags.




Still in work is a small coin purse with a central zip and a clip to add to the wrist strip.  The purse if fully lined with a contrast fabric.  It’s all 100% cotton – I never use polycotton.

In the pipeline for the winter months are a little holder for a chapstick – and a pouch to hold a mini tissue pack.

You can custom build your own Walkies Set and grab everything in one go as you dash out the door.

Any suggestions for add-on accessories are welcome.