To Humiliate the dog

– for all the times you have left me in the park

– for the time you threw up on my friends brand new cream rug

– for the time you peed on that chaps suitcase – just because it was next to the lamp post

– for the time you stole the lovely sandwich I had made for my lunch with the last of the cold chicken

– for all the times you wake me up in the middle of the night

– – – it’s pay back time!

Meet your new Christmas Elf Collar

The Posh Dog Clothing Company Christmas elf collar


Christmas is coming – –

And we are overdosing on cuteness.

The first Christmas stockings are listed in the shop
posh dog clothing christmas tockings
There are 3 sizes – I have used a tiger print fleece for the main structure – lined with different patterned Christmas themed cotton fabric and trimmed with a bit of fun fur.


The pattern is my own – from an inspiration I saw in a catalogue made up in horrid fabrics.  If you knew how meany times I have worked this so that it turns right side out and sits properly!!!!!

I have only made a few to see how they go – but if there is enough interest I will make some more.


Handmade Posh Dog Bandanna – 027 – A Collar’s for Christmas.

I only have the 2 smaller sizes in Christmas pattern Bandannas.  These neckerchiefs are becoming really popular and my first job after the Christmas holidays is to start on a range of pretty Spring designs for you

Handmade dog bandannas – double sided – one patterned – one plain.

Fabric as images


posh dog bandanna sizes

All the fabrics I use are 100% cotton printed pattern fabric – cool wash – warm iron

All my hand-made dog wear has a dog shaped button detail.

Handmade Posh Dog Bandanna 025  A Collar's for Christmas

Handmade Posh Dog Jumper – 033 – Santa.

Handmade Posh Dog Jumper- 033 - Santa

Hand knitted Dog coat

Made locally in the Lake District


This is the largest Santa jumper I make

Total length of back to base of neck:  21″ / 54cm
Around chest: 22″ / 56cm

From the ‘A Collar is for Christmas’ range – this is the Santa jumper.

Classic Santa look coat – with added knitted buckle detail.  The belt strap and collar are fastened with velcro.

These are available in several sizes – the white has a ‘sparkle’ thread mixed in with it.

measurements are very approximate – there is quite a lot of ‘give’ in these.

Hand knitted in 100% acrylic yarn.

machine washable on a cool wash – do not iron.

All my hand knitted dog wear has a dog shape button detail.

This size is £24.50


Handmade Posh Dog Collar 0010 – A collar’s for Christmas.

Handmade dog collar – Cotton fabric style – A collar is for Christmas Range

Handmade Posh Dog Collar 0010  A collar's for Christmas

All the Posh Dog range is hand-made in The Lake District by me. Each item is unique – the length, colours, style  vary with each collar.  Please double-check the details and length before you order to avoid disappointment.

Width:  1″ / 2.5cm
Total Length: 13 1/2″
   NON- Adjustable
Colour /s:  Red Christmas fabric with Merry Christmas ribbon


I use only 100% printed cotton fabric for the collar and lead outers and a fusible, non-woven, light weight, synthetic interfacing on the back of the cotton fabric.   Interfacing is an additional layer applied to the inside to stabilise and strengthen areas.  It has an adhesive on one side which bonds permanently with the fabric.

There is a D ring to one side of the clasp – and the clasp has a double prong side action.

This one is £9.50


Handmade Posh Dog Harness 0006 – A collar’s for Christmas.

As this is the last full week before Christmas I am going to showcase the ‘A Collar’s for Christmas’ range.

Starting with this seriously cute snowflake pattern harness for a small dog.

Handmade Posh Dog Harness 0006  A collar's for Christmas

All the Posh Dog range is handmade in The Lake District by me. Each item is unique – the length, colours, style, fabric, all vary with each item.  Please double-check the details and sizes before you order to avoid disappointment.

Neck band:  10″ – 14″ (approx)
Tummy band:  14″ – 18″ (approx)
 Colour /s:  Blue snowflakes pattern outer
grey fleece inner

Trim as seen


The range of soft dog harnesses is designed to be super lightweight and gentle on the dog while giving you the opportunity to express their own personality.  The fabric outer is 100% printed cotton – with iron in non-woven interfacing backing where needed.  The inner layer is super soft polar fleece – and the trim round the edge is hand sewn 100% cotton bias binding.  The fastening is really easy with an adjustable Velcro attachment (plus a bit of built in expansion in the fastenings).  There is a D ring securely sewn into the back trim if you wish to add a lead.

These wraps are also good for a nervous dog where ‘swaddling’ has been advised.  – Some dogs like to feel ‘cuddled’ round the shoulders for reassurance.

This one is £8.50