In the interest of openness and clarity – I thought it would be useful to have all the Posh Dog Bakes information all in the same place and available to view.

Trading Standards reference number –
CPH number – 08/349/8141
DEFRA customer number- 1104494719

I am applying for my licence to make and sell dog treats.  The process is complicated to say the least – DEFRA are being very helpful with the process but they have said it will take a few months.

I will be baking a batch of treats every Thursday so that I can get the recipes   perfected – and perfect all the paperwork and labeling requirements.  There is no reason that I won’t pass – provision is made for home baking – all I have to do is fulfil all the requirements.

Weekly information and updates can be found on my blog page here – and on Facebook – any questions or feedback please just get in touch.