Busy Bees

This past couple of weeks things have really taken off!!!

We are at the point now where things are selling faster than I can get them listed.  So we are going to try a change of tactics.

This week end I will be working with these fleece fabrics to make coats.

First – we have a couple of novelty patterns

Also a smart Argyle pattern in 3 colour ways

If you would like a certain size – holler out and bag yours now.  kittenandgoat@gmail.com

PS – there is not much of the red left already!

Also – new bandanna fabrics.  I have been looking for a copyright free Super Hero theme for e-v-e-r – and finally I have one – well 2 – green or orange.  The other is a blue ‘nautical’ look dog theme.  Shout out and let me know if you fancy one

Love and licks

Posh Dog


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