Measure twice – cut out 26 times

I think I have worked it out – I love designing and playing with my fabric – and cutting out – but I want to cut out more!  It’s the getting organised and sorting it all out after that is the hard work.  And when you have finished – the photographing and listing – well that’s like eating a frog!!!!

I have decided to learn a few bag making tricks this year and expand the Posh Dog range to make things for people out of dog patterned fabrics –  bags – purses – useful bits and bobs to try to gain a few sales in the summer months.  The coats and jumpers go crazy during the winter months – but come April I need other ideas.

I am calling it Posh Dog for You and so far there are camera straps and a pretty soft bag.

Coming soon will be bags and storage – and a few other useful items.  If you have any suggestions for a project just let me know.

You will find the new items under the Accessories section of the shop





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