Alfie – 6 months – wowzer

Huge thanks to those of you that passed on advice and tip bits!

We are making huge progress. 5 months on from me getting Alfie – he is now 16 months old. He is now dry in the house (such a relief!!!!!!!) – almost paper trained for his ‘jobs’ – but now goes in the street on the way to work! He has made a few doggie friends – and now is starting to make human friends. We are through all the panic attacks and night terrors – still have food / kitchen issues (I think noises may be a big part of this) – and wide space issues to cop with.

We recently had a big festival in the town and Alfie had to face walking through the most people he had ever faced – and a long walk to the car – he has ever faced. Yes – total panic – and so hard to lead work (me – a wreck!!!) – BUT – really in a really short recovery time – and no overhanging panic issues – did not hide when we got home – all he wanted to do was play.

His whole stance is so much more confident – he has to go to my shop everyday to work – my customers have been amazing in taking it all on board and are really helping him – and he is really working hard to do stuff. Luckily I lead a really calm, peaceful life – so he knows how things work.

I just can’t believe the progress we have made in the past 6 months to turn around this scared little wreck into a confident growing puppy.

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