Alfie Update

Alfie has been with me for almost 6 months now so her’s a quick little round up of his progress.

We are through the panic attacks – the night terrors – and he has the muscle control not to wet himself every time someone talks to him.  He is dry in the house now – which is a huge relief I can tell you!  – and he is almost there with his paper training.

It’s hard to find different, stimulating activities for him as still has outdoors fears – so this week we had a bath.  He has quite a tight medication routine to solve some of the health difficulties he may have after his rough start – so there are only a few days in the month before he has his topical treatment that he can have a good scrub.  He seemed to really enjoy it!  He was a bit panicked when I lifted him into the water – but he soon settled and was perfectly still with no shaking while I was pouring the water over him – and the loved the soap rubbing!

Well – it seemed to tire him out – he still has very little stamina

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