I will just leave this here

I have to apologise – my posting is all over the place at the moment.  There is so much going on in the shop – and my Fibro / ME is playing up something wicked – I am just not getting through all the jobs.

I have opened the order books for the coming winter coat season and I am filling up already – so shout before I get swamped.  I have just finished this dressing gown for a huge ball of fluff that feels the chill after a bath – and being a real mucky pup – he’s always in the bath!










This one has a back length of 18″ and is made from an 80% cotton towelling so it will soak up the damp.  There is a big, baggy hood so he can get his ears dry too!

The cost of this is £18.50

Contact me with your orders for the next month – kittenandgoat@gmail.com


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