This week’s bake

Anyone who makes scented candles – or soap – should make a peanut butter scent.  I have been baking with peanut butter all day – and the house smells amazing!!!

2 experiments – First pup cake peanut butter and carrot – gluten free
Bit of work still to go in to the proportions – peanut butter is such an odd thing to work with.  All the tester don’t seem to mind though – it’s gone down very quickly.  I also had a try with coconut oil.  First time I have used it – but everyone keeps going on about it and I have never tried it.  Don’t like it – won’t be swapping my olive oil.  It is way too heavy and greasy for what I want – and it’s not a wet enough ingredient for something that is wet and not a solid.  I will use the rest of the jar up in a human bake that needs butter – that may be better.

Second bake – luxury ‘chocolate’ cookies.
No our type of chocolate of course – a grated carob bar  – and – good old peanut butter – yumms

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