This weeks bake

I am way behind this week – I haven’t finished yesterdays chores – never mind starting to days!

This week I have done my first fully gluten free bake for public sale.  I have used Buckwheat flour (it’s not a wheat – it’s a flower) – and a coarse ground polenta (maise).  It makes a beautiful silky dough – I would still like a bit more of a rough texture – and gives a really crisp biscuit.  My 2 main testers can’t get enough of them – they are hopeless as testers really – they love everything!

A comment was made about the work that goes on behind the scenes re the paperwork for DEFRA – so I thought I would show you my stack of books


I have a ‘goods in’ book to write what ingredients come in
a rough notes recipe  book of mixes I am working on
a diary log to write down what I have done in the kitchen that day
a technical file with all my procedures and risk analysis for each recipe
and – a final recipe book for when I am finally happy with the mix and the control procedures






It did take me hours of practice to get the system organised – but I have got the evening’s paper work after a bake down to about 2 hours now

The treat boxes have launched on-line HERE

More products will be added as I bake more stock


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