This week’s bake

This week I have made Salmon Nibbles – mainly because I have just bought a new fish shape cutter.
Alfie adores them – he nearly took my fingers off for one when they came out of the oven – and he’s been bumping me ever since.  He was even brave enough to ask a customer who comes in every Thursday morning to pick up this week’s bake for one – that’s HUGE progress.  She was so chuffed that he went up to her.

I did experiment with adding a bit of wheat bran (English and organic) into the dough.  It did make the treats more crisp – but I found it dried the dough out quite a bit more than normal and I had to add more olive oil than I usually do.  Unless anyone can give me a good reason that it adds healthy benefits to the treats – once the pack has gone I will go back to oatmeal or try something else to add a bit more texture.

My paperwork is now with the DEFRA vet and I am waiting for my kitchen inspection to find out what else I need to or change.

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