Posh Dog Pals

Since signing up The Posh Dog clothing Company with the selling platform Conscious Crafties – a selling site specifically for those with disabilities and chronic conditions – I have met some amazing, skilled makers – and some amazing, clever dogs!

This is Nimbus.

He is a Medical Alert dog.  His owner has a condition that causes her to pass out frequently – Nimbus can sense it coming on and makes her lie down quickly so that she does not harm herself.  Just how amazing is that.  It is not something you can train the dog to do – it is an instinct that some of them just have.  So – of course he deserves treats!

I am working on a gift box for birthdays – gifts – thank yous etc.  I am still waiting for my licence – so at the moment these are only available in the shop while I practice my baking and all the paperwork








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