Vet – Check

We went to the vet’s to sign Alfie into the practice today.  I have left it a while so that he would settle in a bit first.  I have to admit that I was a bit concerned he would find it all too stressful and have a panic attack so instead of the usual nurse weight check up and exam I asked to see one of the long time vets.  I had several technical questions to ask that I felt needed a practiced more hand.

She was absolutely amazing.  Saw Alf’s problem as he walked into the exam room and she sat down on the on the floor – so did I – and we did all the work with our legs spread out with the a dog rolling about in the middle and he was amazing.

Result is – keep doing everything the same – slow and steady progress.
– He needs to put a ‘little’ more weight – he is still a puppy so needs to eat well.
– He has one ‘sticky’ ear that needs keeping up with cleaning.
– His teeth are a bit of a mess.  She thinks that in may have been malnutrition (either his mums or his as a baby) – she has never seen anything quite like it – but recommends he learns to have his teeth cleaned – I had already started to give him a toothbrush to chew so he gets used to the feel in his mouth.
– flea – mite – worm protection is a big priority – particularly mites – to protect his immune system. So I need to schedule the medication as it’s not compatible.
– His heart and the physical inspection were all fine.

– And she said he liked me and was bonding well. – He likes me – He likes me – what more is there!!!!!

At the moment he is crashed out on the sofa – completly shattered.


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