Snuggle bottom

Someone is getting the hang of the sofa.

He has slept well this week – so I have been able to get a bit of rest.  He is also improving a bit in his toilet habits – the problem is his agoraphobia.  He can manage a bit – but is so desperate to get back inside he forgets he hasn’t finished!

He is also improving in the shop.  He sits in his box most of the time and watches everyone.  He does still bark a bit – but don’t let it bother you if you come in and he does – it is only nerves – he hasn’t got a bad hear in his body.

There is no way he is up for a walk.  All we can manage is to the shop and back (luckily it’s only a couple of hundred yards round the corner) – and we do exactly the same thing every day.  He can come with me to the rubbish bin – and he quite likes that.  But there is no way he is up to explore.

I did have him sitting out by the back door in the sunshine.  He dived in and out a few times – but he did settle next to me eventually.

It’s all progress.

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