I have been thinking about warning flags for absolutely ages.  Now I have Alfie – the need for one has become urgent.

You have to admit – he is beautiful!!!

One side of Alfie’s says CAUTION – and the other has I AM SHY on it.

The flags sit over any type lead.  Whether it is – rope – fabric – leather  – braided – chain – all of them will be suitable.  They are made from 100% bright yellow cotton so that they stand out when you are walking.  The printing is an iron on applied vinyl transfer – I print these so it can say just about anything you need.  The fabric is backed with a thick interfacing so it is strong and won’t buckle up – and the fun snaps on the bottom edge add a bit of colour to draw attention to it.

I have found it stops anyone just walking up to him and trying to pat him – totally terrifying the life out of him and making him pee himself.  People are now asking about him – and when they see him cower under me they kind of get it.  It is much better for him – he needs to see people about him – but know they are not interested in grabbing him.


I will be making standard one for – blind – deaf – unfriendly etc but if you want something in particular then just get in touch.  They will always be a bright yellow colour – it is what is used in the dog world for drawing attention to – and red just does not show the letters.  I could edge in a red trim if need be though.

They should start to appear in the shop soon – they will be Accessories section -when I have created it!!



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