Alfie Update

The little lad is settling really well.  Just look at his head position.


His body posture is much better – he is eating his dinner in one go and not running off all the time and he has stopped hiding away from me – he comes and snuggles on the sofa.  He has the odd panic attack – but they are getting less.

He is in the shop front these days – he won’t be touched – but he does not hide his head anymore.  He did come out and say hello to a friend that dropped in – the goat and Wills were in the front so he was with them – and she has 2 dogs so smelt right – he actually nosed her before he took cover again.  Huge progress.

House training is proving a bit of a block – his agoraphobia means that he does not want to nose about outside – so he does something and wants to come straight back in – he forgets that there may be something else to do!

At the moment we have a good day, all boxes ticked – then 2 or 3 – not good – well – missed the team meeting days!  Overall – he is working so hard, and he’s such a sweetie.



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