Mashed brains knitting

You know me – I have to knit – can’t sit still if I am not knitting.  I had planned to be working on  new jumper knitting pattern – I did promise that I would work up the ‘Joseph’ in several other sizes – but with everything that has been going on my brains are mashed potatoes at the moment – but I still have to knit!!!

What to do?  I need something.  So – here we go – knit strips and make some blankets.  I get to knit and play with colours – without over taxing what’s left of the mash – what’s not to like?











This is the smallest size.  Worked with a chunky weight yarn on slightly smaller needles than normal you get a lovely soft, thick, snuggly blanket which will keep your pet really cozy – and as it’s Robin acrylic – you can wash it over and over again and it will come up like new.

Now I am ‘in the zone’ I am playing with colours.  The next blanket will be bigger – and a mix of 3 purples and an aqua colour.

Not finalised the prices yet –  but they will be similar to an equivalent sized jumper.




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