Bakes for the weekend

This week I have baked Apple Sticks and Cheese Love biscuits

This is the first time I have done 2 bakes – mainly because I promised everyone cheesey ones – but I wanted to experiment with the apple to see if my idea would really work (it did).

So  – first the Apple Sticks.  These are just apple and whole meal flour.  Literally – that’s it.  I shredded the whole apple – skin and all – and used it as the base for the biscuit.  They are a lovely golden colour because I don’t use any additive to bleach the raw apple – and they have a wonderful texture because of the skin and the whole meal.  You can really smell the apple in them.

Then the Cheese Love cookies.  A certain Alfie’s favourite!!!

I bought some super cute little shaped cutters so we can have all sorts of different shaped cookies.

I bake the treats on a low heat for a much longer time than people cookies so that they are harder and crunchy for the dogs to chew – and it helps them keep longer.  You can usually keep them for a good week – if you are allowed to !!!

Packs are available in the shop now – only today and tomorrow.  New flovour next week.



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