And – relax

Something that has done me a power of good these past couple of weeks is some goodies that I received from The Fabulous Fox.  I have serious problems with bath and soap products because of my Fibro – and they wanted to see if I was able to get along with their products.

I love – just love the bath salts.  I normally just chuck a handful of Epsom in the bath – but these Pink Bath Salts are divine.  I felt so much better after a soak in these.  And the smell is lovely – normally the added chemical scents make me gag – but this was really relaxing.

They also sent me some of the Cocoa butter soap.  Normally my hands are so sore after I wash them and feel all rough and scratchy.  This is the first time I can remember that my hands felt nice after washing – really soft and comfortable.  Wonderful.

I love washing my hands now and I would live to try their other bars.  They do a sample pack with a little bit of everything to try.  when things get a bit more settled – I will have to indulge myself!!!


find their website HERE



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