lazy bones – sleeping on the job

In the interests of trying to get back to some sort of ‘normality’ – like that normal is ever achieved round here!!!

I started working on a pattern for a pet carry sling ages ago – but it got shoved to the back.  Last week one of my friends in Conscious Craftie was having to carry her dog about as he was poorly.  Totally relate – she was asking if someone make her a sling to help her out – she thought it was an odd idea – emmmm – welcome to my world!

Her pooch is a little bigger than I had been designing for – so it was a perfect opportunity to learn and grow!!!

So this is the finished design worked up.  Serious upcycling – it is from a pair of curtains that a friend gave me to reuse.

There is a high side – for the head to peep out, and a high side to snuggle the bottom.

The pouch is lined with a matching fleece fabric to keep him cosy.

and the final result – with added dog

There are a couple of things that I need to change – starting from scratch with  vague idea here!  This is going to make life so much easier for them both.

These pet slings will appear in the shop as and when I can source the fabrics.  They need quite a long length of fabric, and I have the idea to repurpose unwanted curtain and upholstery fabrics.  Curtain fabrics (and cotton upholstery fabrics) are so strong and soft – and they come in long lengths – which is ideal for me – and you can get so many pretty patterns.

Just keep an eye out – or PM me if you need a certain size that I don’t have listed













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