Doggie update

Doggie update – Henry is still very poorly and will be resting at home this week.

The vet is saying it’s his lungs – but it could be bronchitis or a hardening of the muscles.  He is on steroids every day and seems fairly content in himself.  He is puffing and panting all the time – and can’t do much in the way of moving about as he gets tired too quickly.  It is a case of treat – rest – peace and quiet – and keep an eye on.  Check up on Friday so he can monitor any changes.

SO – I may be a bit late opening in the mornings – and I will be going home around mid-day to give him his lunch for about half an hour. His weight is dropping so fast he really must eat every couple of hours or so.

We will have to take every day at a time and see how we progress.

Email – leave a message on the answer phone – or Facebook – if you want me for anything – and I will get back to you as soon as I can

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