This is gonna cost me!!!!

Bit of a muddle here in kitten’s world at the moment – the little furry guy  is a bit poorly and – or course – everything else has stopped!!!

Henry has a bad tooth.  I know something has been bothering him for a couple of weeks – but he kept saying it was all fine and eating his Bonios – and I could not find anything.  Well – he totally went off all his food ( Hen eats for a hobby!) – except his Caesar and his Bonio – and then I finally spotted it – his very last tooth on his top jaw has a cavity.  So we are off to the vet in the morning to get it sorted.

I am drip feeding him painkillers to keep him relaxed.  Bless him – he is not making any fuss at all – just a bit shivery and needy.  It’s not scary serious – but you can’t help worrying about them can you?  I don’t know how meany teeth the vet will take out – 2 at last – and it’s going to cost us – but it’s gonna be scary.

Dare I say – please buy something so I can pay the bill?

I will keep you posted as to his progress – but he won’t be in the shop for  couple of days.

Wish him luck


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