Going to Australia?

the-posh-dog-clothing-company-fleece-bed-cover-1My Henry is a digger!!

He does this to all his bed cushions – drives me nuts!!

So – this time we are going to have a bit of an experiment – and let’s just see.

the-posh-dog-clothing-company-fleece-bed-cover-2 I wanted to cover the front and back with a new layer of fleece.  I considered filing in the hole in the cushion – but decided that if I did it would only fall out any way.  So I laid out 2 layers of fleece and cut round the-posh-dog-clothing-company-fleece-bed-cover-3the shape with about a 3″ over lap.


Normally when you knot fleece blanket – you are cutting flat – in a straight line.  As I was working ‘in the round’ – with the way the edges sit unevenly – I cut the top layer – then the bottom layer as the-posh-dog-clothing-company-fleece-bed-cover-4separate items






Work in small sections so that you don’t get too far out off pattern





I worked short knot tassels because the covered pad is going to sit into a bed with sides – normally I would have much longer tassels. Carry on working round the shape in small chunks – matching the cuts up as you go.


Work all the way round.

When all the edges are secure – I put it in his bed



I think that means he likes it





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