Off on your travels anyone

The challenge – to create a mat that you can take out and about.  That is cosy and snug to sit and sleep on – is a recurring familiar presence when you have to have to be in an unfamiliar place – and is easy and light to carry about so that it is easy to do.

The result –


a super soft cuddle fleece on one side for coziness – strong polar fleece on the other for strength.  Sandwiched between the outside fleeces is a layer of 4oz wadding – so the mat is lovely and warm – but still very light to carry.  The mats are quilted round the edge to keep the wadding in place – the amount of quilting depends on the size of the mat – and the wrap around cotton herringbone handle is permanently attached – so you don’t lose it!

This will be available is a variety of sizes – each listing has the measurements on it – please check – and if you need a different size I can make it for you


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