Glass engraved portraits

Thinking that Mother’s Day is coming up – and Father’s Day will be galloping along behind – how about something a bit different and longer lasting?



These amazing portraits were hand engraved from a photo





Just how clever is that?????

Alison has a shop with Conscious Crafties – a site that promotes handmade work from people coping with a chronic illness (yes Posh Dog has a shop there).

Alison says  – I’m crafting through the after affects of stage 2 Breast Cancer which brought on chemo induced arthritis, chronic exhaustion, memory difficulties and Lymphedema in my right arm.

I say – the glass engraving is just wonderful!  alison really captures the personality of her subject.  You can have a glass engraved – or a flat glass in a frame to hang on the wall.  Both beautiful.

I am constantly amazed by the incredible work that people produce – when someone really understands what they they do – you can physically feel the love poured into the products.

Alison’s shop can be found here Alsorts Art and Crafts


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