New Design – Waterproof coat

First – HUGE thank yous to all my furry pals who took part in testing the first design samples for this new coat.

You all loved the idea – and you have come back with several ideas about what to keep and what to change.

So – the final design looks like this

the-posh-dog-clothing-company-water-proof-coatYou liked the idea of the wider tummy band – so that stayed – but you wanted it deeper in the chest – so now it is more roomy with 2 bands of 2″ velcro giving you a bit more adjustment.

You were happy with the the-posh-dog-clothing-company-water-proof-coat-inneroverall shape – and found it wrapped the front end really well.

You also loved the cosy fleece liner – you said it made the coat really cosy and warm as well as waterproof.


Huge thanks to Stephanie over at The Cheap Shop – Tiptree (my fave fabric shop ever) for finding this fabric for me – that I can work on my normal sewing machine – I thought I was going to have to buy a spare one.

I am adding the first one to the shop now – so keep an eye out for more sizes.  If you have a longer – fatter – shorter – thinner dog – I can make a custom size for you.  I have the fabric in green and red – the tummy bands are made in the black as it’s a bit softer and so it’s easy to see.








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