You know we are always up for something a bit different here at Posh Dog – so how about this for a giggle.

Puppy Training Aid – The Doggie Doorbell!!

the posh dog clothing company doggie doorbellTrain your pup to sound the bells when they want to go out for a tinkle.

Yes – we are serious!

  • You hang the bells on the front/back door handle (there are also snaps so you can adjust the length to fit a safety gate).
  • Every time you take your dog out for a walk / wee – you get the dog to paw the bells to shake them and say ‘wee-wees’ (or what ever your command is!).
  • The dog will learn that ringing the bell means they get to go out for a wee and they will start to tell you when they need to go out.
  • It also works for cats!

I take no responsibility for dogs that learn to nag you to take them out for lots of walks.the posh dog clothing company laughy-dog




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