New waterproof coats in production

There is only 1 sample of these left in the shop – thank you all so much for your feedback.

Overwhelming positive response – and it seems you like the long underbelly strap – but wider for more fitting flexibility and with wide velcro both sides.

So – the final design will be on these lines

the posh dog clothing company waterproofI have the outer fabric in red and green – and all my usual fleece colours for the linings.  The coats will be available in 6 ‘standard’ sizes – but as always I can make to order – longer – wider  – etc – or with the conventional narrow belt if you prefer that.

the posh dog clothing company waterproof


I will try to get a couple of sizes done each week – but if I haven’t got to your size yet just shout me and I will make it happen.

You can tell I am feeling better can’t you!!!!




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