You can’t beat Tartan for smarts

Custom made collar for a little girlie – dead posh


If it looks a bit different from my ‘normal’ martingales – it is!


This little girl is only a puppy – she has a tiny neck – and a great big head and ears.  The other martingales fit – but you have to keep releasing the adjuster to get enough room to slip the collar off over her head – then refit it every time you put it back on.  Come on – let’s be honest – that’s never going to happen – and the whole point of the control from the collar will be lost.  We have to make things as fast easy as possible when they are wiggling about all over the place desperate to get out for walkies.

So I have made come up with a formula that has a much longer pull strap at the top to create the extra length to slip easily over the head without having to touch the adjusting collar fitting.

I completly understand that dogs come in many different shapes and sizes and don’t charge extra for my custom work – I figure it does us all good to learn along together.  And I keep a record card of the dog’ name and measurements for when  you want something else made.

Just drop me a line with any enquiries





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