In the pipeline

Jeeps – behind already!

Sorry chaps – bit of a rough start to the year.  I lost my ‘other’ mum – very sudden – although I was worried her as she had such a tough year last year – then I picked up a touch of bronchitis.  I am running at half speed and really trying to get as much rest as I can – otherwise the shingles will kick in again – I really don’t want that.

Now – rough plans for the year:-
– we are listed on a new craft selling website launching in the first quarter of this year.
– Posh Dog will be listed on Pressloft – the go-to place for journalists and the press

  • Patterns in work – we have the ‘basketweave’ – which will be available in a smaller sizes pattern and a larger sizes pattern.
  • once I have cracked that – the Joseph jumper is due for a re-write.  I have always made this in 2 sizes – but I want to open this up so there are more sizes and more pattern options.
  • late summer I will start on a ‘Superhero’ logo jumper.  I so want to create Batman / Superman / Wonder-woman / Spiderman – would also love to chart up initials so jumpers can be personalised.
  • If I get time – the Santa Coat will be back on the table

Sewing in work
– fleece scarves – need to finalise the math and get some working samples out there – I will shout when I need volunteers.
– waterproof coats – the pattern is finalised – the fabric is ordered – should be rolling off the machine as soon as I can function in the mornings again!
– all the usual bandannas and collars will appear in the new spring fabrics
– and I am hoping to finalise a new sewn garment pattern.

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