Off sick

I may be stuck at home poorly – bronchitis again – just hoping it does not turn into shingles (again) – but I am working on the website.  I had the brilliant idea of using the space for the short description (which I haven’t bothered much up to now) to put in a silly bit of text.  I have added comments about the fabric used – the style – how I made it – care advice – song or poem quotes (dog themed) – and any silly gossip I can think of.

It’s a bit of a chore – you forget just how much is listed after a full on summer of making!  But  I think it will add a more personal, quirky touch – which after all – is what we are all about.

There are a couple of big things happening in the next couple of months – I would be grateful if you would cast your eyes over the Posh Dog section of the site and pick me up on any spelling etc.

I will let you know about the developments as they crop up.


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